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Tanker driver enjoys Schneider’s stability, advancement options

Schneider All-Star Company Driver Perry Rine

Unlike most people, Perry Rine always knew what he wanted to be when he grew up … a truck driver.

“I have been interested in trucking since grade school; it always made my list of top professions.”

After Perry finished school, he took a slight detour from his dream job. He was active in the Army as a motor transport operator for three years. Following his duty, Perry was talking to a friend, a Schneider driver at the time, who reintroduced the idea of trucking to him.

“I figured now was the time. I have served my country, I might as well see some of it.”

What drew Perry to Schneider?

“I wanted to drive for a reputable company and stay at that company, have stability and not bounce around. Schneider offers job security while still providing room for growth within the company. Schneider also takes great pride in its dedication to safety, training and investment in technology.”

The switch from Over-the-Road to a Tanker driver

Perry joined Schneider in 1990 as an Over-the-Road driver but recently made the switch to the Tanker division.

“I was able to make a career move without leaving the company. This felt like an advancement for me.”

The switch from Van Truckload to Tanker was a new challenge for Perry.

“I felt like a rookie again, but I love how the Tanker division is very involved and specialized. With Tanker, there is no room for error – you have to get it right the first time. On the plus side, the trailer is shorter and you can see around it, making it easier to park.”

Why Perry has stayed

Why is Perry still with Schneider after more than two decades? For Perry it is all about the company’s commitment to safety and its people. He loves that Schneider is a family-orientated company and places importance on getting their drivers home to their families. Perry also values that Schneider has an endless amount of opportunities for him to adventure into without having to leave the company.

“I am required to participate in ongoing trainings, and I welcome this. These trainings challenge me and help me remain engaged as a driver. Schneider also has an amazing network of support – you are out there driving by yourself but never feel like you are on your own. I wouldn’t drive anywhere else.”

Truck driving is a way of life

Perry is in trucking for the long haul.

“I joke around that I have been in a relationship with Schneider longer than I have been with my lovely wife of 20 years. I feel that Schneider attracts honest people who have integrity and treat others with respect. At the end of the day, I don’t consider truck driving a career, I consider it a way of life.”

The opportunities are endless.

See all driving opportunities Schneider has to offer and which ones could fit with your lifestyle and career goals.
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