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Adventure awaits: How one Schneider driver makes every load a travel opportunity

Schneider All-Star Company Driver Colleen.

Schneider Over-the-Road Driver Colleen is a person of many passions but there are two that stand out: autonomy and the desire to help others. The point at which these two intersect is when Colleen really shines.

Colleen was born in Chicago and grew up mainly in San Jose. Mobility as a child inspired her love of travel and led her to tell a friend while on a road trip that she would love a job where she could just drive.

Fast forward to 2003 when that friend sent her information on a truck driving career. Colleen took the bait, got her CDL and soon was hooked. She moved around a bit more and now technically resides in Dallas, though she spends most of her home time with her partner on family land in Kentucky.

It does good to do good

Colleen’s decision to become a truck driver took her to Dallas where she discovered a small nonprofit called Homeless Nexus, which supports the Dallas homeless population through advocacy, equality and integrity. While being on the road much of the time prevents her from volunteering for many events within the organization, she’s happy to do what she can. Whether through cash donations or constantly keeping her eyes peeled for deals on clothing and hygiene items to donate, Colleen stays active within the group no matter where her loads take her.

“Last year I was in a Georgia truck stop and saw clothes on clearance so I asked the manager if I could get a deeper discount if I bought them all,” recalled Colleen. “I bought $80 worth of t-shirts because I was in the right place at the right time and saw an opportunity to fill a need.”

Colleen believes in making a difference in her community, but she also has a personal connection with those she serves through the charity: As a child and a teenager, Colleen and her family encountered homelessness.

“I had an unstable family life growing up,” said Colleen. “But facing and overcoming homelessness made me confident that I could go anywhere and do anything.”

Those aren’t just empty words: With 14 driving years under her belt – five of them with Schneider – it’s safe to say Colleen walks the talk. She has 312,962 miles and counting to prove it.

Wanderlust and loving it

In addition to her generous spirit, Colleen has an adventurous streak, too. From Montana to Louisiana and everywhere in between, wherever her work takes her is right where she wants to be – enjoying the scenery and exploring the local sites.

“I have friends and family all over the country so sometimes I’ll stop and see them; other times I’ll rent a car to check out the area,” said Colleen. “I just like being wherever I am.”

And you can tell by the way she talks about the country.

“It was spring when I left in the morning and now it’s winter and there’s a moose in the road,” she commented.

When Colleen is preparing to drive a load somewhere interesting, she’ll go beyond trip planning the load to planning her next adventure – buying show tickets and making dinner reservations.

“I love being over the road and not knowing what each day will bring. I like to fly by the seat of my pants,” laughed Colleen. “This job suits me.”

For that – and for you – we are grateful, Colleen. Thanks for all you do!

Start your own adventure!

Your next chapter awaits. Don't miss out on this opportunity to start your Schneider driving career. At least take a look what's out there.

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