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What a Schneider diesel technician should expect in the first 90 days

Schneider diesel technicians gather around a heap of truck components to watch an instructor perform a repair
I’ve had the opportunity to talk with many different people in locations throughout the country about technician jobs. Our conversations vary in many different ways however, the question and conversations that I enjoy the most is:
“What are we as new diesel technician hires to expect in the first 90 days on the job?”
This is a great question — it’s important to know what you can expect when you come on board with us.

Starting as a diesel technician overview: mentorship for 3-6 months

I start by explaining how we will pair you up with either a lead or to start out. This is what we call a Mentorship. Your mentor will be with you through the first 3-6 months.

This mentor will teach you however you learn best. Whether it be by watching, hands on or reading the diagnostics that you will be working with, we want our new diesel technician hires to be comfortable, and we’ll adapt our teaching techniques to help you learn all you’ll need to know.

Two Schneider diesel technicians discuss repairs while standing at the back end of a tractor

We at Schneider do not believe in just throwing you on to the floor and hoping for the best. We want to develop you into a diesel technician who feels confident in the areas that you will be working in. Schneider is looking for diesel technicians who are willing to grow and learn new technology as it comes out in the future.

Week 1

The first week is filled with completing paper work, selecting benefits, meeting Maintenance Team Leader and fellow associates, meeting corporate team via web cam, completing safety training and getting a good feel of the computer system we use.

Week 2

The second week you will spend with the Tire Specialist. During this time, you will review our different stances that we run on our tires, types of tires, positions that they are installed, how to properly remove and install tires on our units, and lastly take an online assessment, testing your knowledge to see all that you have learned.

Week 3

By the third week, you will start working with your mentor if you haven’t already and starting to complete the different checklists that we use for Preventive Maintenance (PMs), starting problems, charging problems, HVAC checklists and others. Once he feels that you can complete these checklists with little help you would flow into larger diagnostic areas.

The rest of your mentorship

A collage of new Schneider diesel technicians performing various repairs with assistance and instruction from their mentors

In the remaining months to follow, you will be working with your mentor completing jobs such as:

  • Starter replacements.
  • Radiator replacements.
  • Charge Air Coolor (CAC) replacements.
  • Driveline.
  • U-joint replacements.
  • After treatment problems.
  • Overhead adjustments.
  • Internal and external engine work, and different services throughout the vehicle.

Additional training as a Tractor Technician Sr

Schneider diesel technicians work on the underbody of a truck from inside a pit

While working on and learning these areas you will be working with different diagnostic software that we use in the shop. You will continue to work with your mentor and take different online trainings.

Usually near the middle or end of your mentorship you will attend phase one training, this will get you Brake Certified and give you basic knowledge in welding and completing PM checklists.

This is a very general timeline and is not intended to be all encompassing. If a diesel technician shows the skills to develop faster, Schneider will accommodate.

This active development and assessment process will continue throughout the career of all diesel technician associates.

Ready to get started?

You know what to expect, so it's time to get your diesel technician career rolling at Schneider. See what's near you and apply.

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