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Hire to retire — a Schneider philosophy

Todd Jadin before and after his 25-year career at Schneider. An emblem outlines the four parts of Schneider Hire to Retire philosophy: attract, develop, engage and retain. At the center is the claim "People are our differentiator."

We approach each and every hiring decision for the “long term.” This is true for all of our associate positions – driver, office, diesel technician and warehouse. When I say for the long term, the reference is through retirement. We want our associates to understand that when we invest in them via a hiring decision our desire is they stay with us until they retire. Obviously this is an aspirational goal. Our job is to make it “come to life.” So, how is this accomplished?

We start by identifying four key pillars to our success in the Talent Management area – Attract, Develop, Engage and Retain. If we execute each of these pillars successfully it makes our desire of “Hire to Retire” a possibility. In one sense the pillars are sequential in nature and obviously start with the “Attract” or hiring process; however, once the hiring decision has been made then the pillars tend to work together in a concurrent, ongoing fashion. In Talent Management we have created an icon that depicts our philosophy of Hire to Retire.

The centerpiece of the icon states – people are our differentiator. Our associates are what sets us apart in this industry. The more we can get associates and leaders to align around and understand our Hire to Retire objective the more likely it is to flourish.

Let’s take a look at some of the key components for each of the pillars that have assisted Schneider in our pursuit of the “Hire to Retire” philosophy:


  • Our best source of hires is referrals from current associates.
  • Create a sound and repeatable recruiting process.
  • Ensure we hire the right people, at the right time, in the right roles.


  • Invest in our associates to get better.
  • Identify opportunities that truly make a developmental difference.
  • Live out “active” Individual Development Plans (IDPs).


  • Win associates’ hearts – connect them to our culture.
  • Enable a high-performance environment.
  • Learn and then teach the business – pass on the legacy.


  • Identify the “keepers” and protect them.
  • Celebrate successes.
  • Accelerate career development.

There are many long-tenured associates at Schneider. We have over 200 with 30-plus years of experience at the company. That suggests we are doing things the right way and are building an organization that lasts forever!

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Todd Jadin is Vice President of Associate Relations and Talent Management for Schneider and has been an integral member of the Big Orange for over 25 years. When not creating the associate experience, you can find Todd spending time with his family and actively assisting with youth basketball in the Green Bay area.

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