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How to professionally accept a job offer in 5 steps

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Congratulations! You recently had a successful job interview and want to prepare to accept an offer if you get one.

Before you sign on the dotted line, you’ll want to consider exactly how you’ll communicate your response to the employer. Follow these steps on how to professionally accept a job offer to move forward with confidence.

5 steps to accepting a job offer

1. Find out the employer’s timeline.

It’s generally a good idea to take some time to think about the job offer you received. Most employers don’t expect you to decide on the spot.

However, you should always ask the hiring manager the timeline they have in mind for your response. This will give you an idea of how long you can think about the offer.

If you need more time to consider the offer beyond the deadline given, ask for a small extension and see if you can find a timeline you both agree upon.

Example conversation

Employer: “Congratulations! We’d like to offer you the position of marketing specialist at XYZ Company.”

You: “Thank you for the offer! That is exciting news. I would like to take some time to think about everything we’ve discussed. Could you please share the timeline you have in mind for my response?"

Employer: “It would work best if we could hear from you within the next 48 hours."

You: “Given my schedule this week, I will need a little more time to review your offer. Can I get back to you by the end of the week instead?"

Employer: “Certainly. We look forward to talking with you soon.”

2. Send a thank you.

Next, send a short email to the hiring manager thanking them for the opportunity. It’s a small gesture that’s often forgotten but goes a long way toward building positive relationships.

This is also a good time to restate the deadline you discussed for when you will give them a decision.

Sample thank you email

Dear [Name],

Thank you for offering me the position of marketing specialist at XZY Company. I have enjoyed our previous conversations and am excited about the opportunity to join your team. I look forward to reviewing the terms you sent and speaking with you further on Friday.

Best regards,

[Your name}

3. Review the offer.

Now it’s time to look over the job offer. You want to make sure the offer matches your career goals and personal needs.

Consider factors such as:

  • Pay and benefits: Ensure the salary and benefits (medical, dental and vision insurance, paid time off, 401(k), etc.) meet your expectations.
  • Work-life balance: Evaluate the work hours, work model options and vacation policies to make sure they fit your lifestyle.
  • Career development: Review the opportunities for growth and development within the company to ensure they align with your desired career trajectory.

4. Ask remaining questions.

If you need clarification on something in the offer, call or email the hiring manager with your questions. This might include details about your work schedule, payment structure, job duties or company policies.

Example email:

Hi [Name],

I have been reviewing the terms of the job offer you sent me on Tuesday and wanted to clarify the expectations for remote versus in-office work policies for the role. Can you send me a formal plan for the role’s work model schedule that I can look over?

Thank you for your time.

[Your name]

5. Accept the offer.

Once you feel comfortable with the job offer, it’s time to accept the position. You can either call the hiring manager with your response or write a professional acceptance email that confirms the details of the agreement, including:

  • The role you’re accepting.
  • The agreed-upon salary.
  • Any incentives (if applicable).
  • Your start date.

Job offer acceptance email example

Subject line: Mike Martino – response for marketing specialist position.


I have reviewed the job offer you sent and am thrilled to formally accept the position of marketing specialist at XYZ Company. I am excited to contribute to the team and am confident my skills will be valuable.

As discussed, I am accepting the role with a starting salary of [agreed amount] and will begin on [start day]. Please let me know if there are any additional documents I need to sign or required next steps.

Thank you once again for this opportunity. I look forward to joining the team.

Best regards,

[Your name]

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