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Cautionary video: Why truck drivers should wear ice cleats

Did you know that nationally, about 30% of tractor-trailer driver injuries result from slip/fall incidents? Almost 1/3 of all injuries! There is an effective tool to substantially reduce those slips and falls, but it only works if you use them: your Schneider ice cleats for boots.

Over the last few years, in most cases where we’ve had slips and falls, the truck driver wasn’t wearing the cleats that they were issued. Getting injured means pain, perhaps medical treatment — possibly even surgery — and financial impact. It also means that you can’t do what you want during free time with family and friends. Your ice cleats are a simple, free way to protect against that.

So here’s a question. Do they work? When Schneider implemented the ice cleat program, we saw slips and falls decrease by 45%. That is, we cut the frequency almost in half. That’s a big number.

To help show how well ice cleats work in a challenging environment, we enlisted the help of Goalie Kevin Reich from the Green Bay Gamblers. Kevin tried doing his job as goalie with a pair of work boots on — with and without ice cleats. See for yourself what happened:

We always put safety first.

Drive for a trucking company that values the safety of its drivers. Drive for Schneider.
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Dan Drella is a Director on the Schneider safety team. Dan is accountable for safety for the Intermodal, Logistics Transportation and Logistics Transloading and Distribution areas. He has been with Schneider for 17 years working in various areas, including equipment management, rail management and finance.

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