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Infographic: Some call it sustainability, we call it good business

In this day and age, going green means going forward. Since 1978, Schneider has been reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving fuel efficiency and changing global operational policies to reduce its carbon footprint and that of its customers. We believe that delivering the goods that enhance the lives of people everywhere requires a holistic approach.

As a pioneer of sustainable logistics, the Big Orange is proud to add another color to its palette: green. And green transportation is just the first step — a triple bottom line focus makes sustainability a part of every strategic decision Schneider makes.

An infographic illustrates Schneider's sustainability efforts.

We’re always improving.

Schneider is constantly investing in new equipment and technology that improves life for our drivers, while making driving safer and greener.

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Schneider Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Steve Matheys has been with the Big Orange for 21 years and has a deep appreciation for how people, culture and business objectives connect. A member of the executive team, Steve oversees Schneider’s global workforce development initiatives, facilities and real estate, corporate procurement, associate relations, marketing and the company’s China operations. Additionally, Matheys leads Schneider’s sustainability strategy and initiatives as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility program.

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