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Top 5 job hunting tips for truckers during a pandemic

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While many industries across the country are struggling and millions are on unemployment due to COVID-19, the trucking industry yet again is still rolling. While some trucking jobs slowed or halted due to government shutdowns across the country, others are swamped with delivering high-demand freight.

Even jobs that were slowing a month or two ago are picking back up, and the industry is always in need of qualified drivers. Although these are unpredictable times, here are five job hunting tips for truckers who are looking to work right now.

5 job hunting tips for truckers

1. Understand where the demand is.

These are unprecedented times. Even though the trucking industry saw a huge jump in demand, some segmented areas of trucking did not. This is definitely something to consider if you are hunting for a trucking job right now. What jobs are in demand and where?

2. Think about what you want.

Know what kind of trucking job you want. Do you want a local job? Over-the-road? Maybe a more predictable route? Also, consider whether or not team driving would be a viable option for you. Becoming a truck driver isn’t as easy as getting your CDL and hopping in a rig.

There are a lot of factors to consider, like how comfortable you are being alone for extended periods of time. Also, how far or how long do you want to be away from your family?

3. Ask around.

One of the most important job-hunting tips for truckers is to ask around. Anyone who is a truck driver will tell you that trucking is a tight-knit community. People talk, and so if you ask a driver about a company, he or she will tell you what they know.

It’s always a good idea not to rely solely from word on the street and gossip. However, don’t disregard it either. In addition, get an idea from experienced drivers what type of freight you may want to haul or what type of rig you’d be most comfortable driving.

4. Use a reputable service.

That brings us to number four on our job hunting tips for truckers list – use a reputable service. Just because you’ve asked around about freight and companies, you still need to get online and apply for jobs. Make sure you are using a reputable website to do so, whether it be a trucking job board, a government website, a company’s site directly or social forums.

5. Have your info ready.

Some people might tell you that you don’t need to have a fancy resume to be a truck driver. That’s not necessarily true. You want to make sure you have all your information on hand, so you might as well put a resume together. This should outline where you got your CDL training, where you’ve worked previously and what types of freight you’ve hauled.

Once you’ve done your research …

It’s time to apply, either through a trucking job board or a trucking company site. Schneider offers a quick zip code job search.

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