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Schneider offers empowering careers for mature workers

A mature Schneider truck driver poses in front of her company truck, which is hauling an orange container.

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If you’re over 50 years old, your depth of experience and perspective is valuable in the workplace.

Whether you’re a senior looking for a new career adventure, an empty nester ready to branch out, an old-timer seeking a second career or a young retiree desiring a change of pace in your golden years, Schneider is proud to offer a wide range of jobs for mature workers.

Schneider’s AARP Employer Pledge Program commitment


The AARP Employer Pledge Program is a nationwide group of employers that stand with AARP in affirming the value of experienced workers and are committed to developing diverse organizations.

Schneider is the first transportation and logistics company to be recognized by AARP. We became an AARP Featured Employer in 2005 based on our hiring practices, benefits and opportunities for mature workers.

Did you know? In 2021, more than 20% of Schneider's newly hired truck drivers were ages 50 and over. In addition, more than half of those mature workers hired were new to truck driving.

Today, Schneider remains one of 13 companies in the transportation and logistics industry that have made the pledge.

Schneider stands with AARP, and we’re proud to pledge that we:

  • Believe in providing equal opportunity for all workers, regardless of age.
  • Believe that 50+ workers should have a level playing field in their ability to compete for and obtain jobs.
  • Recognize the value of experienced workers.
  • Recruit across diverse age groups and consider all applicants on an equal basis.

What types of jobs are best for mature workers?

The reasons you may pursue a career change at this time of life are personal to you, as are the jobs you may consider. Still, a great starting point in seeking a career for people over 50 is to look at these factors:

  • Jobs with high needs and future growth projections – like transportation, which is currently facing a truck driver shortage.
  • Jobs that leverage your decades of experience – consulting, customer service, coaching, etc.
  • Jobs with shorter training periods – certifications, on-the-job training or trade schools that can facilitate a quick transition.

Truck driving, for example, is a great fit in all three areas:

  • Meeting a critical need.
  • Building on your decades of driving experience.
  • Giving you the opportunity to start earning in as short as a few weeks, depending on the truck driving school you attend.

Bonus: Travel while getting paid! Many people look forward to traveling during retirement but can’t afford it or aren’t healthy enough to enjoy it by the time they can. As a truck driver, you’ll get to travel to new places every day, see the landmarks you’ve always wanted to see and visit friends or family in different areas of the country.

Schneider offers truck driving jobs for seniors that allow you to:

Save for retirement.

Schneider offers a leading 401(k) plan with company match that allows mature workers to quickly grow their retirement funds. Our company match starts after three months of employment – versus the industry average of one year – so you can start contributing sooner.

Associates can contribute anywhere from 1% to 50% of their eligible pay. Plus, Schneider will match $.50 for each $1.00 of the first 6% of your contribution.

Stay closer to home.

You don’t have to sacrifice time with your family to take up a truck driving career. Schneider offers Local truck driving jobs that let you get home daily. You’ll have the opportunity to haul freight close to home, build relationships with your team leader and master driving in the area you live in.

Choose your schedule.

Schneider offers a wide variety of opportunities, including part-time truck driving jobs that allow you to haul freight on your schedule. Pick the days and hours you want to work, and we’ll help you find the perfect job opportunity near you.

More types of jobs for mature workers

In addition to offering a huge variety of driving jobs for seniors, Schneider has career opportunities for office, diesel mechanic and warehouse workers. Use your age and experience as assets with an industry leader.

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