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A 2016 New Year's resolution for all: Make a meaningful career move

2016 painted on a long stretch of road that leads to a bright light in the horizon

There’s nothing better than a fresh start. That’s what 2016 offers all of us, and there are plenty of typical New Year’s Resolutions you could focus on:

  • Get healthy.
  • Earn more money.
  • Travel the country.
  • Give more to charity.

But there’s one that many overlook, and it can actually be part of the plan to accomplish any of the above: make a meaningful career move. And that doesn’t mean just getting a new job. That could be part of it, but a meaningful career move could be something you do in your current job. Find which of the four phrases below best describes how you feel about your career and you’ll see what we mean.

I’ve never considered a career in trucking, logistics and transportation

It’s not a sexy industry, but it’s critically important and millions of people have found career fulfillment in it — many unexpectedly. Schneider truck drivers, for example, come from incredibly diverse backgrounds: former marketing managers, former ministers and so many more.

Many people who thought they found their dream career in one of those so-called sexy industries end up frustrated that it’s not everything they imagined. In reality, the average U.S. worker changes careers seven times in their lifetime. Many choose truck driving as one of them.

It’s not just truck driving either. Did you know Schneider has Office, Diesel Technician and Warehouse opportunities as well? It takes an incredible team to keep the economy running smoothly.

Your strategy to make a meaningful career move in 2016: Broaden your horizons and explore career opportunities in this fascinating and critical industry.

I’ve considered a career in trucking, logistics and transportation, but I have doubts whether it’s for me

Considering a career change is challenging. It’ll involve leaving your comfort zone and learning new things, but nothing worth having comes easy. You know it’s time to make a move of some sort, but maybe

Your strategy to make a meaningful career move in 2016: Ask yourself what’s really holding you back, take strategic steps to get your questions answered and put a plan in place.

I have a career in trucking, logistics and transportation, but I’m unhappy

Unfortunately, some companies paint a rosy picture of their careers, while reality is full of thorns. Not all companies are created equal. Schneider has a proven track record of putting people first since 1935. We started with one man, one truck and one dream, and we live out our core values today and every day.

Your strategy to make a meaningful career move in 2016: Learn what makes Schneider unique, explore the widest variety of career opportunities in the industry and apply to join our team.

I’m happy in my career in trucking, logistics and transportation, but I’m always looking to improve

Even if you love your job, the New Year offers a great opportunity to evaluate your efforts, your goals and your future. Schneider offers tremendous advancement opportunities — from hire to retire. Maybe in 2016 it’s as simple as improving your relationships with others in the company you work with. No matter what stage you’re at, there’s always room for growth. Make it happen!

Your strategy to make a meaningful career move in 2016: Reflect back on 2015. What went well? What didn’t? Write out some action items you can take to make 2016 even better.

It’s time to make your fresh start.

Ready to make a change in your career and excited about what Schneider has to offer? See what opportunities we have available and apply today.

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