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Schneider Presidential Awards: 'Orange Heart' recognizes extraordinary action

Schneider associate Amy holds up a photo album memorializing her husband Jim with help from her leader Jennifer

The NFL celebrates its path to greatness with the Hall of Fame. The motion picture industry has the Academy Awards. Here at Schneider, we have the Presidential Awards: An annual program that celebrates associates who have accomplished amazing things while they’re taking care of business.

One of the four award categories — Orange Heart — is for doing something extraordinary for another associate or their family. Watch the video and/or read the full story below it.

Schneider associate Amy Berndt-Raider’s life changed forever last April. Following several months of in-and out-hospital care and surgery, her husband, Jim, was improving and set to be released by doctors. On that very day, he took a turn for the worse. Amy called Jennifer Graef, her leader, to explain that Jim was failing fast and that he was not expected to live. Jennifer knew that Amy’s family lived out of the area and reacted with heart: She dropped everything and went to the hospital to be her “family,” someone to lean on and help her during this difficult and unimaginable time. Jennifer was with Amy and her son as Jim passed away, and stayed by her side until family was able to arrive. Her gift of support and friendship is something that Amy and her family will never forget.

In the days that followed, Jennifer set up a meal program to ensure the family could focus on honoring Jim’s life. Jennifer was also successful in requesting a Living Orange grant from the Schneider Foundation, providing the family with financial assistance after Jim’s stay in the hospital.

The value of these efforts to Amy and her family: Priceless. Jennifer was strong, supportive and comforting to her fellow associate during the most difficult time in her life. On that April day and the days that followed, she led with her big orange heart and is recognized for doing so with a Presidential Award.

Schneider will be there for you.

We know life sometimes takes unexpected turns and that’s why we offer a wide range of benefits that our associates take advantage of – health care, a flexible schedule, education reimbursement – just to name a few.

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