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8 peer-to-peer recognition ideas to use when working remotely

When working remotely, it can be tough to make a connection with your coworkers. Check out these peer-to-peer recognition ideas to help strengthen the connection.

In today’s world, many people are working remotely. This creates less spontaneous opportunities to build connections with your coworkers.

One great way to keep those connections strong is through peer-to-peer recognition. Here are several ways to recognize your remote teammates.

8 peer-to-peer recognition ideas for remote work environments

  1. Call your coworker using Microsoft Teams or another communication platform that has a video call function. Use the video time to verbally say ‘thank you’ face-to-face.
  2. Send your coworker an email to recognize their hard work or accomplishment and copy in their leader. This makes the leader aware of the great thing their associate has done.
  3. Snail mail them a hand-written ‘thank you’ card.
  4. Verbally recognize someone during a team meeting.
  5. Praise a team member by sending them a badge and kind note to go along with it through Microsoft Teams or another communication platform.
  6. Send a coworker a personalized e-card.
  7. Mail someone a small token of your appreciation, like a snack, soda or merchandise with your company’s logo.
  8. Record a video for your coworker saying, ‘thank you’ and email or send through it through Teams or another communication platform.

How to make your peer-to-peer recognition more meaningful

An associate sends praise on Microsoft Teams as a way of engaging in peer-to-peer recognition.

The key to effective recognition is to make sure that you are specific in your ‘thank you’ – state what you are thanking your coworker for or specifically tell them what they did a great job on.

This makes the recognition more personal and meaningful to your coworker. Letting your leader know about the great things your coworkers are doing is also a great way to engage leadership.

Peer-to-peer recognition is important in building a strong sense of team. When everyone is busy working, it’s easy to forget the small things that matter. Take time to acknowledge your co-workers and make their day!

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