What to Expect When Schneider Attends a College Career Fair at Your School?

By Sarah Campillo Sep 20, 2016
Schneider at Career Fair

Over the years, Schneider has attended numerous college career fair events all across the country. As a student there are several things you can expect from Schneider when we attend career fairs.

First, you will meet some of the rock stars that work for Schneider and experts in their areas of business. Our Schneider representatives attending career fairs are there to answer any questions you may have about internships and permanent positions within Schneider. All of our job openings can be found on schneiderjobs.com.

Secondly, Schneider Swag! Expect to receive giveaways that you are able to use while on campus like bags, pens, notepads and water bottles.

Thirdly, as a college student, you can expect to see business cards. Whether they are those of the company representatives or for our overall positions, we will have business cards to hand out to you so you can keep in touch with us during your college years!

What do Schneider representatives expect of college students at college career fairs?

At Schneider, we expect to see your resume and for you to be able to answer some questions about that resume and your prior experience. We also expect you to have fun with us and have fun while you are at the career fair. Any career fair is a great opportunity to network and start applying for positions that you might be interested in after you graduate. We will take your resumes and contact you if we find you a fit for our open positions.

What college career fairs does Schneider attend?

You can look at all of the upcoming college career fairs that Schneider will attend — and all Schneider career opportunities on schneiderjobs.com.

We can’t wait to see you at your college this fall! If you have any questions about Schneider’s college recruiting, please email schneidercollegerecruiting@schneider.com.

Learn more about our internship program

Schneider’s internship program allows college students to work with experienced and innovative associates. We challenge students during their internship but support them every step of the way.

Schneider Internship Program


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