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Schneider's 5 Quest for Quality Awards illustrate excellence

Five gold badges representing Schneider's five Quest for Quality awards in front of a semi-truck in a sunset.

If Quest for Quality awards were Super Bowl rings, Schneider would have enough for a full hand in 2020 — more than any other trucking and logistics company, adding to a long list of recent awards.

Logistics Management magazine readers awarded Schneider with 2020 Quest for Quality Awards in the following categories:

  • Third-Party Logistics-TMS.
  • Intermodal Marketing Companies.
  • Dry Freight Carriers.
  • Bulk Motor Carriers.
  • Truckload-Expedited Motor Carriers.

No other truckload, intermodal or logistics provider matched Schneider, which has won as many as four Quest for Quality awards in previous years. Five sets a company record as well.

The Quest for Quality Awards represent shipper satisfaction and transportation provider excellence on surveying the importance of:

  • Performance.
  • Value.
  • Information technology.
  • Customer service.
  • Equipment and operations.

More recent awards earned by Schneider and its associates

Schneider’s award cabinets are filling fast, and here are just a few recent awards that illustrate why Schneider is an excellent company to work with — and for:

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