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Realizing a childhood dream: Driving a big truck

Jarrett Bryant Schneider Truck Driver

Jarrette Bryant is 27 years old and since the early age of 2, has had a love for automobiles and “big trucks.” He would always go in to stores with his parents and go straight to the toy sections, looking for replicas of automobiles and big trucks. He started his collection around this age and would take his collection around with him wherever he went.

Jarrette’s father was an administrator at Houston Community College, where the Automotive and Truck Driving schools were located. Every opportunity Jarrette had, he would tag along with his dad to work, where he would always wind up in the automotive or truck driving departments, asking all kinds of questions of the instructors and staff. They had come to know Jarrette quite well and were always ready to answer, perhaps because they could see all the enthusiasm and potential in this young kid.

Turning the childhood dream to reality

When Jarrette got to high school, he began to formally align his dream with his career. He enrolled in the automotive courses at Channelview High School and became one of its distinguished automotive students.

After Jarrette graduated from high school, he enrolled in Houston Community College’s Automotive Program and received numerous certificates and his associate’s degree. Knowing Jarrette’s dream of becoming an over-the-road truck driver, several of the staff took him “under their wings” and guided him through the path to become a “certified truck driver” — CDL, specialization certifications and the whole lot.

Jarrette completed his training with Houston Community College and was immediately recruited by Schneider. After a couple of weeks, he completed his training with Schneider and was given his own “big truck,” beginning his dream job of being among the distinguished rank of a “big truck driver.”

Jarrette has been on the road now for almost two years and during this time, he has experienced and gained a wealth of knowledge into the life of a certified truck driver. He has learned to navigate the roads, adjust to the weather and be prepared for the unexpected, all while maintaining dedicated schedules.

“Patience is a virtue that big rig drivers need to possess because it really can make a truck driver’s life easier,” said Jarrette.

Jarrette is truly enjoying his dream of “putting the pedal down” and racking up the miles in his diesel-powered “road dog.” He loves to drive, even more so after obtaining high-level skills, professionalism and a comparable wage to experience a decent life-style. Jarrette’s next goal is to own his own rig.

Have a similar dream?

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Martin is the Director of Transportation Training at Houston Community College (HCC) and is responsible for all driver training. HCC is one of the largest community colleges in the United States and has the most diverse population of any college. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Midwestern State University. Martin lives in League City, Texas. He enjoys outdoor activities and his grandkids.

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