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How to tell if a company’s culture is right for you

How to tell if a company's culture is right for you

As a Corporate Recruiter at Schneider, I’m often asked by candidates during interviews, “What is the culture of your organization like?”

Before accepting a job, you need to decide if the company’s culture fits who you are. Culture has a huge impact on your day-to-day attitude and success in the workplace.

Ask yourself: What kind of culture am I looking for? What motivates me? What makes me happy? What kind of work-life balance do I want?

How to asses a company’s culture:

1. Research the company

Look over the company’s website and pay special attention to the ‘Meet our team’ and ‘About us’ pages. Also, read the description of the job you’re applying for thoroughly.

Social media is great a way to learn more about a company. Check out the company’s pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and don’t forget about LinkedIn.

2. Reach out to someone who works for the company

If you know any associates who work for the company, connect with them. Ask questions about the work environment and growth opportunities.

Keep in mind: You’ll learn that an organization has an overall common culture, but it is often interpreted differently by associates because we all see culture from our own perspective.

3. Ask about the culture during your interview(s)

As an applicant, you can get a sense of a company’s culture during a phone or in-person interview by asking your recruiter questions about their take on it. I encourage you to ask questions such as,

  • “What makes you proud to work with this company?”
  • “How does this company support career growth and professional development?”
  • “How does your company conduct performance reviews?”

If you get invited for an in-person interview, arrive early to observe the associates. Take note of how they’re acting and if they seem excited or bored about being at work.

Discovering a company’s culture

I encourage you to explore a company’s culture in depth while applying and interviewing for a job. It’s important to assess a company’s culture to ensure it would be a good fit for you and align with your values.

Once you’ve determined that a company’s culture is right for you, you’ll feel confident you’re making the right choice when accepting the job offer.

Is Schneider’s culture right for you?

Learn more about the people who make up the Schneider team and our culture. Hear it for yourself from some of our associates - we’re more than the orange trucks you see on the highway.

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Joan is a Corporate Recruiter who has been with Schneider for more than 40 years. She has held various positions throughout the organization in Claims, Network Support, Customer Service and Operations. Joan’s experience in different areas of the business set her up well for her current role, where she shares her experience and passion for the company with candidates.

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