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Salary history ban: Schneider won't ask about your previous pay

A candidate discusses their resume and qualifications with two associates in an interview.

With some companies, interviewing can be stressful. There is searching for the perfect job, filling out applications, securing an interview, researching, practicing interview questions — with a lot on the line! Talking about salary history can add even more stress, especially if a candidate feels they weren’t paid fairly by a previous employer.

States still debating the salary history ban; debate is over at Schneider

At Schneider, we get it. We’ve eliminated the stress of the pay topic in interviews. In fact, even though many states are still discussing how to handle a potential salary history ban, we chose in late 2017 to simply no longer ask candidates about salary history in interviews. That’s now true at all of our locations across North America and China, even though laws haven’t changed in Wisconsin (our headquarters are in Green Bay) and many hiring areas.

Schneider’s goal is to focus on our candidate’s future

Instead, when we interview, we are focused on a candidate’s experience, education and potential — not what they have been paid in the past. Our focus is on hiring candidates at the appropriate wage for the role being filled, versus what a prior company paid.

We are continually working to focus on our candidate’s future; what skills he or she brings to the role and the pay they deserve. Our interview process is to understand prior success and future goals; to us, a candidate’s prior income simply doesn’t determine what we should (or would) pay a candidate.

To prepare for Your next Schneider interview

We understand that the interview process can still be intimidating and stressful. Here are the most overlooked job interview tips and some additional tips to prepare yourself for an interview with us:

  • Remember that we will not ask you what you were paid in your past jobs; and we are not looking for you to tell us.
  • Instead, we will ask you about your pay expectations — in other words, we will ask, “If we offer you this job, what would you be seeking in terms of pay?” Be ready to give an income range you desire for the job; what you need and feel you deserve for the skills you bring for the opening you are applying for.
  • If you are unsure of the pay you desire, research sites like or — these sites can assist you to be better understand what candidates get paid for similar roles and experience in your area.

Good luck on your next interview!

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Sarah Wehling, a University of Wisconsin-Whitewater graduate, is the Senior Recruiting Manager for Schneider’s 3PL division, Schneider Transportation Management. Prior to joining Schneider, Sarah had been recruiting for 12 years both in the military and in the private sector.

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