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Will Schneider make you drive in bad or unsafe weather conditions?

A Schneider driver turns cautiously on snowy roads.

No. Plain and simple. Schneider will not make you drive when you are in weather conditions that you don’t feel safe operating in.

At Schneider, we repeat one phrase continuously, and we live by it: “You are the captain of your ship.” You, as the driver, make all the decisions.

Amid all the recent snowstorms and wind, we’ve received lots of calls to the 800-44-PRIDE Schneider recruiting line and chats on asking about our bad weather driving policy.

At Schneider, we expect you to make the safe decision based on your circumstances, then communicate that decision if it will negatively affect the pick-up or delivery of the load.

Schneider’s number-one core value is “Safety First and Always,” and it’s these exact situations where the rubber meets the road. Whether you’re truck driving in snow, rain or any other kind of weather conditions, you will not be asked to do anything unsafe.

How to decide when to shut down for winter weather

A Schneider company truck covered in a light layer of snow.

We obviously want to equip you with the insight to make an informed decision about shutting down. Here are a few questions to ask yourself, as we shared in our Winter Survival Guide:

  • What is the weather report for the near future? – Be aware of the weather through the Weather Channel, weather websites, the mobile communications platform in your truck or weather apps for truck drivers. You can also call the state weather and road condition 511 system. Plan accordingly!
  • What is the condition of the roadway right now? – If you are not comfortable driving on the road, then don’t! It really is that simple.
  • Where am I and where am I going? – Check the weather in various locations for the route you’re taking. If there’s potential for bad weather during your run, be sure you’re aware of available shelter and safe locations along your intended path of travel.
  • What is the weight of the load you’re carrying? – Did you know: 95 percent of jackknife crashes have happened with loads that are 15,000 pounds or less. Heavy crosswinds can also be dangerous for high-profile vehicles like tractor-trailers.
  • What is my condition, mentally and physically? – Driving in tense situations and winter weather increases your mental and physical fatigue. If you’re “white knuckling” it down the road, then you need to find a safe place to stop. Don’t chance your or someone else’s safety.

Again, YOU are the captain of your ship. You make the call. Parking the truck may mess up your planned work week or home time, but it’s a much better choice than messing up your life!

We invest in your safety.

At Schneider, we know the importance of putting safety first. That’s why we equip our trucks with the newest equipment and technology so our drivers can stay out on the road and feel confident doing so.
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