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Schneider benefits help drivers sustain healthy lifestyles with Atlas

Schneider associates performing health wellness meeting

As a professional driver, you hold a skill that is immensely valuable to your career and the transportation company you partner with. When weighing employment options, it is important to consider a company that values safety, health and the needs of your family as much as you do. Schneider demonstrates the value of each associate through its unwavering commitment to safety and its benefits available to drivers.

About Atlas

A key benefit Schneider offers is through Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions. Atlas is a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who are located onsite at eleven Schneider facilities. They provide confidential health screening, wellness coaching, ergonomics and physical therapy for Schneider associates. The Atlas team is in place to support the Schneider Wellness Vision:

“We aspire to be the healthiest transportation and logistics company in the world with active, energized associates who are motivated to improve their health and productivity to deliver superior business results.”

DOT physicals

A Schneider driver has his blood pressure checked during a DOT physical.

Instead of just managing disease, the Wellness Mission aims to improve health, lower costs and increase productivity. For Schneider drivers, the wellness mission means a smoother and more reliable process in regards to DOT physicals.

A commonly expressed concern for drivers is how to prepare to pass DOT physicals. Drivers often consult with Atlas coaches to learn healthy strategies and prepare for their DOT exam. By taking action, Schneider drivers have successfully:

  • Maintained or regained full-length DOT medical certifications
  • Received their physician’s permission to reduce or eliminate treatment for preventable conditions like high blood pressure and high blood sugar
  • Significantly improved daily energy and comfort levels

Healthy lifestyle help

For over a decade, Atlas has provided healthy-lifestyle recommendations for commonly-asked questions by drivers. For example:

  • How do I maintain a healthy weight?
  • Where can I buy nutritious food that I can keep in the truck?
  • How do I exercise when I am away from my gym at home?
  • How can I adjust my seat to be more comfortable?
  • Is there a better way to bend and lift or do the physical demands of my job?

Great health is the vehicle that will transport you through your successful career! Your family and future are two reasons to partner with a company whose strong health and wellness culture and benefit resources will support your lifelong health journey. Atlas is here to help you reach every milestone along the way!

Join a company that values the same things you do!

Apply for a driving job with Schneider and learn about what other benefits we have to offer.

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Having been at Schneider since 1991, Christine Schneider, Schneider’s Health and Wellness Manager, understands the issues drivers face when it comes to making healthy choices. In her role, she oversees the company’s wellness program, working with drivers to educate them on the importance of wellness and how making lifestyle choices will help prevent illness and injury. Additionally, Christine is the manager of the Leave Administration team, which assists and supports associates who are off work because of a medical condition or who are caring for an ill family member.

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