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Schneider provides industry-leading on-the-job diesel technician training

A group of four Schneider diesel technicians stand in a semi-circle around their training leader, who is talking, near a Schneider tractor.

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In the maintenance industry, most mid- and senior-level diesel technician roles require a technical degree or an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. However, some companies, like Schneider, will hire candidates without diesel technology degrees for entry-level roles and provide on the-job diesel technician training to help them advance their careers.

At Schneider, we hire individuals for our Diesel Technician I role who have no prior diesel experience or diesel technology degree, and we teach them the skills they need to become successful technicians in our shops.

We talked with Master Maintenance Technician, Cameron T, to learn more about how Schneider’s on-the-job training helps people fulfill their dream of becoming a diesel technician and sets them up for a successful career.

Overview of Schneider's hands-on and classroom diesel technician training

No matter where an inexperienced diesel technician is hired, their training will consist of both classroom and hands-on instruction.

While in the classroom, diesel technicians go over basic information through instructor-led materials, videos and self-paced modules. Some of the content is created in-house by Schneider, while the rest comes directly from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Technicians gain knowledge about the various truck makes and models they will work on in Schneider shops.

During the hands-on portion, technicians learn common skills, such as:

    • How to change tires.
    • How to replace brakes.
    • How to fix lights.
    • How to repair tubes.
    • How to operate a forklift.
    • How to safely work in a shop.

    New technicians also receive special instruction on more advanced processes, including:

    • Advanced electrical training.
    • Aftertreatment systems training.
    • Engine component rebuilds.

    This combination of classroom and hands-on training gives new technicians the foundation they need to start their mechanical career.

    Benefits of Schneider's on-the-job diesel technician training

    In addition to setting them up for successful careers, diesel technicians benefit from this training because:

    • There are no tuition costs associated with training.
    • They receive their normal hourly wage while going through training.
    • The training is directly correlated to the work they will be doing in Schneider shops.
    • Training takes place during their normal working hours, which means there’s no need to go to diesel technician school during their off hours.
    • Training is ongoing. As they grow in their role in the shop, technicians continue to attend training sessions, as new equipment enters the fleet and new technology is introduced.

    Find your first diesel technician job.

    Ready to start your diesel technician career journey? Schneider can help with its on-the-job training. See if we have any Diesel Technician I job opportunities near you and submit an application.

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