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Schneider IPO: Behind the scenes at the New York Stock Exchange

Editor’s note: This is the second in a two-part series looking back at Schneider’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) as “SNDR” stock began trading April 6. Part one looked at driver Bob Wyatt being chosen to ring the NYSE Opening Bell®.

Most of us couldn’t be on Wall Street for the historic Schneider IPO on April 6, 2017, but those who were documented the occasion for the rest of us. Enjoy these bonus videos and photos taking you behind the scenes at the New York Stock Exchange.

Caption: New York Stock Exchange representatives show and describe the IPO process, from the bell ringing to price discovery to the start of stock trading and the atmosphere surrounding it all, including a closing interview with Schneider CEO Chris Lofgren.

Caption: The New York Stock Exchange Snapchat captures the story of Schneider’s IPO, including interviews with Chris Lofgren and 5-million-mile driver Bob Wyatt.

Schneider NYSE photo gallery

Caption: Check out a bunch of photos from New York, including Schneider’s four trucks outside the Exchange, the atmosphere on the floor and more.

Schneider’s Class B common stock trades under the ticker, “SNDR.” For more information, visit

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