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Vote for favorite Schneider facility in ‘Orange Mania’ bracket

Schneider Facility Orange Mania Bracket

Editor’s note: The bracket voting concluded on Tuesday, April 3. View the winner announcement and details.

It’s bracket season, and Schneider is proud to announce a bracket challenge of our own, “Orange Mania: Schneider Facility Faceoff.”

Vote for your favorite Schneider facility in each daily match-up on our Schneider Truck Driving Jobs Facebook page, running March 13 through April 2.

Each poll will open at 12 p.m. for 24 hours, with the winner advancing to the next round until an overall winner is decided. Schneider’s favorite facility championship match-up will be the same day as the NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball championship game.

We’ve seeded the 20 primary facilities in Schneider’s nationwide facility network in order based on total number of parking spaces (e.g. #1 seed Gary, IN, has the most parking), and we’ll update results throughout the month.

Championship preview

The championship match-up is set in our Orange Mania Schneider Facility Faceoff: #4 seed Harrisburg and #3 seed West Memphis. Both facilities had to knock off higher seeds in the semifinals— which were the first two upsets in the tournament based on original seeding.

How they got here:

Orange Mania Championship

Harrisburg coasted through its first two match-ups, beating Columbus 79% to 21% and Dallas 67% to 33%, but the semifinal came down to the wire. Harrisburg edged out the #1 overall seed, Gary, 52% to 48%.

West Memphis has coasted through all of its match-ups, defeating Shrewsbury 83% to 17%, Indianapolis 63% to 37% and #2 seed, Laredo, 76% to 24%.

A closer look at the facilities:

Harrisburg, PAWest Memphis, AR
Total parking spaces566619
24/7 tractor and trailer maintenanceYesYes
Fuel lanes57
Café open dailyYesYes
Computer kiosks55
Exercise equipmentYesYes
TV loungeYesYes

Scroll through the Schneider Truck Driving Jobs polls to see the comments made about each facility as you prepare to place your vote on Monday

Championship voting will be open for 24 hours starting at noon CDT on Monday, April 2.

The bracket

Printable bracket — download, print, fill it out, snap a photo and share your predictions!

Schneider Facility Orange Mania Bracket

The schedule

The bracket will run during the same timeframe as the NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball tournament — March 13 through April 2.

First round

Mar. 13 – Salt Lake City, UT (54%) vs. Houston, TX, Tanker (46%) (Matchup #1)
Mar. 14 – Columbus, OH (61%) vs. New Orleans, LA (39%) (#2)
Mar. 15 – Green Bay, WI (62%) vs. Nashville, TN (38%) (#3)
Mar. 16 – Shrewsbury, MA (59%) vs. Houston, TX, Van Truckload (41%) (#4)

Second round

Mar. 17 – Phoenix, AZ (68%) vs. Charlotte, NC (32%) (#5)
Mar. 18 – Dallas, TX (73%) vs. Portland, OR (27%) (#6)
Mar. 19 – Atlanta, GA (56%) vs. Toronto, ON (44%) (#7)
Mar. 20 – Indianapolis, IN (64%) vs. Edwardsville, IL (36%) (#8)
Mar. 21 – Gary, IN (63%) vs. Salt Lake City, UT (37%) (#9)
Mar. 22 – Harrisburg, PA (79%) vs. Columbus, OH (21%) (#10)
Mar. 23 – Laredo, TX (54%) vs. Green Bay, WI (46%) (#11)
Mar. 24 – West Memphis, AR (83%) vs. Shrewsbury, MA (17%) (#12)

Third round

Mar. 25 - Phoenix, AZ (45%) vs. Gary, IN (55%) (#13)
Mar. 26 - Dallas, TX (33%) vs. Harrisburg, PA (67%) (#14)
Mar. 27 - Atlanta, GA (37%) vs. Laredo, TX (63%) (#15)
Mar. 28 - Indianapolis, IN (37%) vs. West Memphis, AR (63%) (#16)

Fourth round

Mar. 29 - Gary, IN (48%) vs. Harrisburg, PA (52%) (#17)
Mar. 30 - Laredo, TX (24%) vs. West Memphis, AR (76%) (#18)


April 2 - Harrisburg, PA vs. West Memphis, AR (#19)

Don’t forget to vote daily!

There to help while out on the road.

Schneider facilities are designed to serve our drivers. They are equipped with everything drivers need – laundry, computers, showers, cafes and more. Check out all of our facilities and what each has to offer.
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