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West Memphis voted favorite Schneider facility in ‘Orange Mania’ bracket

After nearly 2,000 public Facebook votes across 19 different facility match-ups in Schneider’s “Orange Mania: Schneider Facility Faceoff,” a champion has been decided.

Schneider’s West Memphis facility (#3 seed) defeated Harrisburg (#4 seed) in the championship, 60% to 40% (93-62 in total votes). The 20 Schneider facilities were seeded in order based on total number of parking spaces (e.g. #1 seed Gary had the most parking).

West Memphis’s road to the championship

West Memphis, like Villanova in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, won each of its match-ups by double digits:

  • 2nd round: 83% to 17% over Shrewsbury (#14 seed)
  • 3rd round: 63% to 37% over Indianapolis (#6 seed)
  • 4th round: 76% to 24% over Laredo (#2 seed)
  • Championship: 60% to 40% over Harrisburg

What voters said about West Memphis

  • “The drivers, especially me, love West Memphis. The best OC (operating center) with the best driver services, hands down.”
  • “West Memphis: Excellent staff, great food, home of Tim Ellis, DBL of the year”
  • “West Memphis is the crown jewel of the company. It has everything you need. Best part is, Driver Services welcome you in with a friendly attitude.”
  • “West Memphis was always a treat to visit; for some odd reason I always like stopping in there.”
  • “I love going to West Memphis.”
  • “West Memphis is the best.”
  • “Y’all are the standard for what an OC should be.”
  • “I did my orientation at West Memphis, easily one of my favorite OCs.”

A closer look at West Memphis

  • Total parking spaces: 619
  • Fuel lanes: 7
  • Computer kiosks: 5
  • Showers: 13
  • 24/7 tractor and trailer maintenance, including express bay
  • Café open daily
  • Exercise equipment
  • Laundry
  • TV lounge
  • Tractor wash
  • ATM
  • Company car
  • Physical therapy

Here’s a photo gallery that captures some of the people and personality that make West Memphis a driver favorite:

Schneider’s nationwide facility network

Below is the full bracket showcasing the results in the match-ups between each of Schneider’s 20 primary facilities. Learn more about each by scrolling through Schneider Truck Driving Jobs Facebook page to see comments on the bracket polls. Here is a full map our nationwide facility network, which also includes smaller facilities, customer locations and drop lots.

Schneider Facility Orange Mania Bracket

Read the original Orange Mania blog post for full results.

There for your convenience.

Schneider facilities are designed to serve our drivers. They are equipped with everything drivers need – laundry, computers, showers, cafes and more. Check out all of our facilities and what each has to offer.
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