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Schneider adds new remote truck driver orientation option

Schneider drivers are now given the option to attend orientation remotely.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Schneider has continually implemented new safety procedures for driver orientation, like using single occupancy lodging and pre-screening drivers for symptoms before they enter the classroom.

Our newest change is offering a remote orientation option that allows drivers to stay at a hotel during orientation and attend classroom trainings virtually.

Schneider's new remote truck driver orientation

How remote orientation works

The same as before COVID-19, no matter if you’re an inexperienced or experienced driver, Schneider provides a first-class driver orientation that safely prepares you for the road. The Schneider facility you go to for orientation is determined based on where you live and what type of truck driver you are.

All drivers still stay at a hotel during orientation. Drivers who feel more comfortable completing orientation in a remote setting can attend orientation virtually from within the hotel’s conference room, while all other drivers will attend orientation at the Schneider facility.

Remote orientation vs. in-person orientation

Drivers who attend orientation remotely follow the same curriculum as drivers who attend it in-person. Drivers are provided Chrome Books to follow along with the classroom instruction happening at the facility, and a Driver Training associate is always on-site at the hotel to help.

Drivers who complete orientation remotely are still required to do their DOT Physical and skills test in-person.

What to bring to remote orientation?

Drivers who attend remote orientation need to bring all the same things a driver who is attending in-person orientation would, in addition to headphones. Schneider can provide headphones, but drivers are encouraged to bring their own.

Schneider provides all the necessary technology for remote orientation.

Locations offering remote orientation

Schneider facilities currently offering remote orientation include: 

  • Phoenix, Ariz.
  • Indianapolis, Ind.
  • Gary, Ind.
  • Atlanta, Ga.
  • Dallas, Texas.

New hires are encouraged to discuss with their recruiter if remote orientation is an option through the facility they go to.

Benefits of remote orientation

By offering a remote option, more drivers can complete Schneider orientation to get out on the road and make money sooner.

These options also provide appropriate social distancing, but allows drivers to still meet other drivers, become associated with a Schneider facility and receive hands-on training.

Looking for a driving job that encourages safety first and always?

At Schneider, ensuring the safety of our drivers is our number-one priority. Apply for a driving job with us and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with working for a company that cares.

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