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A closer look at Schneider's award-winning sleep apnea program

Schneider sleep apnea program test kit
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October 17, 2019

Schneider is proud to continue leading the industry in truck driver sleep apnea testing, treatment and driver benefits through its award-winning trucking sleep apnea program. Learn how it works and see what drivers are saying.

How does Schneider’s sleep apnea program work?

In 2006, Schneider became the first large-scale employer with a program to screen, diagnose and monitor Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and in 2019, Schneider received the National Safety Council’s Green Cross for Safety Innovation Award and the Robert C. Johns Research Partnership Award for our efforts.

Sleep apnea program highlights:

  • The company requires all new company drivers to be screened for sleep apnea, and those found to be at risk for OSA go through sleep apnea testing.
  • The vast majority of testing is now done using a home sleep study, allowing the driver to sleep in their own bed or in the cab of their truck rather than in a clinic.
  • Drivers who are diagnosed by the sleep physician and require treatment have the cost of the machine and supplies covered as part of Schneider’s employee health insurance program. It’s considered preventive care — with no out-of-pocket costs.
  • Fatigue-related incidents have improved 44 percent through this program.
“When you live and breathe safety like we do, screening and treating drivers with sleep apnea is just the right thing to do.”
– Tom DiSalvi, Schneider vice president of safety and driver training

DiSalvi went on to say, “We’ve seen that it makes our roads safer for professional drivers and the motoring public, but the decreased risk of other diseases and the feeling of being well rested and energized also enhance the quality of life for drivers.”

Video: A driver’s experience with Schneider’s trucking sleep apnea program

Since 2006, Schneider has improved the health of thousands of drivers through its sleep apnea program.

Tammy, a Schneider recruiter, and Steve, a Schneider driver trainer, share their experiences with truck driving and sleep apnea:

Want to know more about truck driver sleep apnea?

Almost a third of commercial truck drivers have sleep apnea, so in addition to our award-winning program, we’ve compiled a guide with everything else you need to know.

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