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Tuition Assistance Helps Schneider Associates Achieve Goals

Schneider associate Kate sits at her desk, surrounded by photos of friends and family.

Getting my master’s degree has always been one of my personal goals. Schneider’s Tuition Assistance Program made it possible by helping remove the financial burden associated with education.

Changing with Schneider

I am currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, studying organizational change leadership with an emphasis in project management. I chose Organizational Change Leadership because, if one thing at Schneider is constantly the same, we are always changing! I have been able to study while working full time by completing online classes.

Finding a work-life-school balance

While I’ve been in school, I have also had to balance working full-time as a leader at Schneider and raising two young kids. I work in the Brokerage Division of Schneider Transportation Management and have been here for six years.

The balance of school, home and leading a team of inside-sellers has been hard. I’ve had to make different sacrifices at home but understand what the payoffs will be long-term.

Benefiting Schneider and Kate

Earning a master’s degree has assisted me in my career with being able to learn different techniques to help lead the organization during changes and challenge the leadership team on how we can stay competitive. I have been able to share insights with my peers and leadership in innovative ways. I have received one promotion while in school and have been able to set myself up for future success in my personal development plan.

I am very thankful for Schneider to invest in me and in my career. This benefit fits in with Schneider’s Core Values and its people always coming first. I understand Schneider will be supportive and will continue to invest in my career.

About Schneider’s Tuition Assistance Program

Schneider’s tuition assistance is available to all regular full-time and part-time Office, Diesel Technician and Warehouse associates paid through U.S. payroll who have completed six months of employment and have a “Full Performance” rating. Full-time associates can receive up to $5,000 annually with a $10,000 lifetime maximum, while part-time associates can receive up to $2,500 annually with a $5,000 lifetime maximum.

Schneider associates who want to take advantage of tuition assistance must be enrolled in courses taken online or in a classroom setting at an accredited college, university or technical/vocational school. Enrolled courses must be part of a degree program – in business, transportation and logistics, information technology or a job-related field.

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We are passionate about ensuring our associates lead a fulfilling career and life.

About the author
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Kate began at Schneider right out of college in 2013 in an inside sales role. In 2017, Kate started as a Sales Manager where she leads a team of 15 inside sellers.

Outside of work, she spends most of her time being with her family, doing school work and cooking.

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