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Schneider Women's Network impacts and inspires

Schneider Women's Network members gather at a volunteer event.

Schneider Women’s Network Mission: Accelerating Development, Expanding Opportunities, Maximizing Business Results. For Women. For Schneider.

How would you like to join an organization that takes the leadership and innovation of women seriously and respectfully? Sometimes in business, this is hard to come by, but with strong female direction and along with the support our business gives to our Schneider Women’s Network, we are able to make a difference in this male-dominated industry.

With events that encourage a partnership with community leaders, educational leaders and other businesses, Schneider is able to prepare its female employees with the best tools to succeed. And here is the best part: Our Women’s Network looks to provide development opportunities for not just female leaders, but male leaders too.

I am proud to say that over the four years of participating in the Schneider Women’s Network, I have been able to see the continued growth and innovative changes that we have made to one of the most influential businesses here in Green Bay, Wis., and across the country.

Schneider Women’s Network events that make an impact

  1. Back to School Store - Volunteers assist low-income elementary students in selecting an outfit, shoes, backpack and supplies to return to school ready to learn.
  2. Book Reviews – They offer a chance for our Schneider leaders to provide developmental and critical professional reading opportunities for our female leaders.
  3. Annual Fusion Event - This event is part of an ongoing effort to provide development, leadership and networking opportunities to women in Northeast Wisconsin.
  4. Female Intern Program Luncheon – This is an opportunity for our Green Bay female intern leaders to interact with a few of our female Schneider leaders in a lunch and Q&A session.
  5. Middle School Three-Week Transportation Course - It exposes kids to all of the options as they begin their high school paths; it of course is also a great opportunity for the 6-12 Schneider teachers to practice their persuasive presentation skills.
  6. And more!

Thank you, Schneider, for your continued support of our Schneider Women’s Network. Without our powerful associates, we wouldn’t be able to make the difference we do on a daily basis.

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Find more information on how the Women's Network can help you build your professional career and give back to your community.

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Sarah is a graduate of St. Norbert College and has been working for Schneider since June 2008 upon her college graduation. She has held several different roles in the company within Schneider Transportation Management (STM) and most recently over the last few years as Schneider’s Corporate College Recruiter.

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