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Service truck technician roles offer unique opportunities

A Schneider service truck technician stands in the trailer of a Schneider service truck that is filled with various tools and equipment.

When you think of a diesel technician, you probably visualize someone who does repairs on trucks inside of a shop. Although that is true for some diesel technician roles, Schneider’s service truck technician roles offer something outside that norm.

What makes a service truck technician different from a diesel technician?

While diesel technicians work in a shop, service truck technicians work mainly outside. They are supplied a service truck that is packed with all the necessary parts and tooling and then travel to a customer site, distribution center or rail yard to work on Schneider equipment.

Although service truck technicians are responsible for all estimations, diagnoses and corrections to do minor and major repairs on Schneider tractors and trailers, they do not do road-side work.

What are the perks of being a service truck technician?

1. Career growth opportunities.

There are career growth opportunities within the service truck technician role itself, meaning you have the opportunity to grow in the position without having to switch back to the shop. Within this specific role, Schneider hires both service truck technicians and senior service truck technicians.

While the roles do similar work, senior service truck technicians are expected to perform more in-depth and complicated repairs. To be hired for the senior role, applicants are typically required to have more experience, but they ultimately tend to make a higher hourly pay.

You can be hired as a service truck technician and work your way into a senior service truck technician role, with the opportunity to advance into leadership positions in the future.

2. Huge variety of work.

Not only will you be working outside most of the time, but the work you do on the daily basis will vary greatly.

The job duties of a service truck technician span from changing tires to repairing engines, performing accident repairs, working on trailers and containers and more. You are also expected to utilize Schneider’s maintenance software to track the work you perform.

3. Competitive hourly wages.

Regardless if you are a service truck technician or senior service truck technician, you will be paid a competitive hourly rate. Plus, you’ll earn an additional $1.50/hour for off-shift hours and an additional $.65/hour on weekends.

And if you really want to up your earnings, Schneider offers overtime opportunities where you can make time-and-a-half for hours worked beyond 40.

4. Full benefits and additional perks.

Earning a competitive wage is great, but a complete pay package is more than just a paycheck. Our service truck technicians have access to all the benefits they need for both themselves and their families: medical and dental insurance, a 401(k) with company match, paid vacation and flex days and more.

Plus, if you’re interested in attending a diesel technician school to further your career, Schneider offers a tuition reimbursement program.

5. A feeling of accomplishment.

Schneider’s service truck technicians are the front-line workers who make sure Schneider’s equipment stays out on the road. The excellent service they provide allows drivers to deliver freight on time and meet the needs of our customers.

Apply for a service truck technician role today.

Start your journey to becoming a service truck technician at Schneider by viewing available opportunities, choosing a shift that works for you and submitting an application.

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