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Find an empty trailer, Schneider’s newest driver mobile app feature

Schneider's 'Find a Trailer' app beside a lot that's full of containers

Finding an empty trailer in expansive trailer lots can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s frustrating, annoying and a huge waste of valuable time.

Well, we say, “NO MORE!”

Schneider drivers are now able to pinpoint the exact location of empty trailers associated to their work assignment with our CrossRoads Mobile application with the new feature Find an Empty Trailer. The app allows drivers to see all the empty trailers when he/she is assigned a pickup of an unknown trailer in either a list or a map view. It is available to all trailers and containers except tanks.

Driver Mobile App

One driver in the pilot group said,

“I went to pick up an empty trailer at a customer the other day as part of my work assignment, and I was told there were no empty trailers on their lot. I pulled out the CrossRoads Mobile app and showed the customer exactly where the empty trailer was on the lot. It saved me a lot of time and frustration!”

Another Schneider driver recently posted to us:

“You dang right, I love this new app for empty trailers. That’s twice someone tried to put a lock and seal on an empty to save for themselves. Goodbye lock. Goodbye seal. Hello empty.”

The Find an Empty Trailer mobile app feature is just one example of our commitment to continuously improving our processes and technology to make our drivers as efficient and effective behind the wheel.

Want to learn more about the technology we’re using?

As a Schneider driver, you’ll be equipped with technology that makes your life out on the road more convenient.
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Dan Schmidt is the Manager of Connected Vehicle Technology. He has held many roles related to mobile communication and trailer tracking during his 16-year tenure at Schneider. He grew up in a truck driving family, and his father was an Over-the-Road driver. In his free time, Dan enjoys volunteering and coaching.

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