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What skills do you need to be a diesel technician?

A Schneider diesel technician, wearing a blue jumpsuit and a name tag titled, 'Chavez,' stands in front of a work table in a shop with tools on top of it.

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If you think it only takes the right tools, good mechanical skills and a little training to be a diesel technician, it’s time to think again! With truck technology constantly changing and vehicle components becoming more technically advanced, it takes a lot more than a decent set of wrenches and a service manual to do the job of the modern diesel technician.

Although the job requirements vary depending on what company you work for and what type of diesel technician (fleet or dealership) you are, here are our top skills needed to be a diesel technician if you're interested in joining the field.

Top 7 diesel technician skills

1. Being safety-oriented.

Shops can be dangerous places, which is why it’s essential for diesel technicians to focus on safety, follow procedures and watch out for their teammates. This means wearing the proper personal protective gear, cleaning their workspace and other surrounding areas, correctly using the right tools for the job and never cutting corners.

2. Being present, on time and well-rested for your shift.

Diesel technicians work in a fast-paced environment with unexpected challenges. Being alert prevents accidents and helps diesel technicians deliver the highest quality work.

It’s your job to keep equipment moving and that’s difficult to do when you are tired or late for your shift.

3. Listening and being a team player.

A good listener is a trait needed for many different areas of the diesel technician job.

It is important to be able to understand a driver’s description of the problem they’re experiencing and communicate back to them when you expect the work to be completed.

The ability to share information and listen to others is a valuable quality to have as a diesel technician.

4. Being adaptable.

The technology used in today’s trucks is constantly changing. With new technology comes new tooling and equipment for the diesel technicians who work on trucks. Every repair is a new problem and diesel technicians must be creative in their approach and excited about learning new things.

5. Having good computer skills.

A diesel technician uses the computer quite often, from diagnosing a problem, to managing the communications required to do the job. The following are just some of the things that require computer skills:

  • Understanding fault codes for engines and fueling systems.
  • Diagnosing electrical issues.
  • Troubleshooting codes.
  • Running different tests.
  • Sending emails.
  • Creating work orders.
  • Filling out work order notes and descriptions.

It’s OK not to know how to do all these things when you’re just starting out. But as mentioned above, having a ready-to-learn attitude is absolutely needed, and being tech-savvy is a bonus.

6. Being good at math.

Diesel technicians must understand basic mathematics, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to read and understand technical manuals. Knowing how to convert from metric to imperial liquid measurements will help when working with liquid engine components.

Good computer skills and the ability to read and understand an electrical meter also require math and are critical skills for technicians.

7. Being patient.

All diesel technicians face situations where things don’t go exactly as planned. Thinking outside the box to complete a job, observing other technicians and having the ability to take a step back and not lose your cool when something is not working correctly are all keys to being successful.

Wondering how long it takes to become a diesel technician?

Now that you know what skills are needed to be a diesel technician, you’re probably wondering how long it takes to become one. See the amount of time it takes based on the path you decide to follow.

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