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A day in the life of a Schneider Transportation Management team member

Schneider Transportation Management

I’m Scott, and I’ve been with Schneider Transportation Management (STM), Schneider’s third-party logistics (3PL) business, since June 2010. I’ve earned several sales awards — including Seller of the Year. What I love most about working for Schneider is that we are able to decide how much success we have and the fun environment we work in.

I know you’ll love it too once you get a taste of what a typical day in STM looks like:

Start of the Day

  • Before I get to the office, I’m planning ahead and trying to predict problems I need to solve for my customers, getting ready for a full day of thinking on my feet!


  • Hit the phones with coffee in hand. Morning is prime time to reach prospects and add to my book of business — the opportunities (and my paycheck!) are limitless.
  • Check my load board for pending freight and update my customers. Developing relationships is crucial for me to succeed.
  • My supervisor spends time with me on conference calls to help close business. A big reason that I work at Schneider is because I have the freedom to develop my own work style; however, I love learning how to get ahead with some coaching from my boss.
  • Tracking ahead of the pace is important to me. I quickly crosscheck where I stand for the day before I head out for lunch.

Lunch Break

  • Some days are busier than others, but when I can I spend lunch with my team members. We share stories and talk about our goals — it’s always fun to stir up a little friendly competition among coworkers.


  • The team meets after lunch to discuss any hot topics, successes and ways to improve — our goal at Schneider is to do what we say we’re going to do.
  • I thrive from team energy and camaraderie. After our meeting, I get back to the phones to nail down some additional business.

End of the Day

  • Finish up the day with several loads and new contacts. I’ve blown past my target and increased my commission for the month, which feels great! Update a few things before I head out. Good day with great people!
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Scott started with Schneider in Transportation Management in June 2010 after graduating from Eastern Illinois University. He has earned several sales awards, including Seller of the Year. Scott attributes his success to being dedicated to finding solutions for all customer and team needs that ensures the day-to-day tasks run smoothly. What he loves most about Schneider is being able to decide how much success he has and the fun environment he works in.

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