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Schneider's sustainability initiatives drive a thriving culture

Schneider Sustainability

Sustainability initiatives may not seem like an obvious reason to choose a career, but have you considered working for a company that has withstood the test of time and is built to last? Schneider is 81 years young this year, and we’re still committed to former CEO Don Schneider’s goal of being “a company that lasts forever.” We take sustainability seriously.

That means we’re more than orange trucks. We think green in many aspects of our business, which is what drives our longevity and success. Our core value, “Excellence in What We Do,” extends beyond our services. It bleeds into our culture.

The value of sustainability

Emphasizing and supporting a three-pronged approach to sustainability initiatives has made the Schneider culture stronger and greener. Our environmental focus, social responsibilities and financial obligations are at the core of our decision-making process. We pledge to:

  1. Run a green transportation and logistics business.
  2. Act in a socially responsible manner, with respect and integrity, and to give back to the communities in which we all live and work.
  3. Operate as a low-cost, financially sound company that provides value to customers and ensures our business is built to last.


Schneider has been conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner for more than 30 years — way before “going green” was en vogue. We aggressively pursue a sustainable future throughout the business.

We’re doing the following to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Improving fuel efficiency.
  • Upgrading the energy efficiency of our facilities.

We also reinforce environmentally sustainable practices with drivers. Schneider trains and engages drivers early and often with simulation-based driver training programs to emphasize their accountability for truck energy efficiencies. Likewise, Schneider drivers receive bonuses for energy conservation and safety. More than $38 million in driver incentives for fuel management, safety and other efforts was awarded in 2015 alone.


The value in building a sustainable business grows if those in the community also benefit, which is why we dedicate so much of our time and energy to building a sustainable future in the communities in which we live and work. With people as our priority, we tirelessly work to ensure we are involved in our communities, helping create a tomorrow in which everyone has a chance to reach their full potential.

Schneider lives out its commitment to social responsibility in many forms:

  • Operating safely.
  • Sustaining vibrant communities.
  • Proudly supporting those who served in the armed forces.


Schneider believes that environmental sustainability, conservation and protection, along with community advancement, can only be achieved by sustained economic progress.

What we do today should never interfere with meeting the needs of future generations. We are a sustainable organization that is built to last. Being sustainable includes:

  • Making smart, long-term business decisions that ensure our ability to invest.
  • Growing to meet customer and shareholder needs.
  • Reinvesting in our company, our associates and the world around us.

Schneider invests hundreds of millions of dollars toward its goal of operating the most energy efficient transportation company in the industry. Today, Schneider, our customers, associates and the environment are reaping the benefits of these ongoing investments.

Some call that sustainability. We call it good business.

Our approach to sustainability initiatives is holistic, and our commitment is genuine. Al and Don Schneider were passionate about creating a company that’s built to last—one that sustains future generations and stands the test of time. Today, Chris Lofgren embraces this commitment, and we operate each and every day with this vision in mind.

If you’re looking to invest your future in a company who will be around for the long haul, check out Schneider’s wide range of career paths.

Join our culture of sustainability.

Learn how you could make a positive impact here at Schneider.

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Schneider Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Steve Matheys has been with the Big Orange for 21 years and has a deep appreciation for how people, culture and business objectives connect. A member of the executive team, Steve oversees Schneider’s global workforce development initiatives, facilities and real estate, corporate procurement, associate relations, marketing and the company’s China operations. Additionally, Matheys leads Schneider’s sustainability strategy and initiatives as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility program.

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