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Samsung tablets continue improving the driver experience

A Schneider driver uses their tablet to access weather data.

Exactly two years ago, Schneider announced its deployment of the Samsung Galaxy tablet to drivers. The reasoning behind this implementation was to create a better driver experience while they’re out on the road.

Two years later and the tablet continues to add more convenience to drivers’ lives. Here’s a quick overview of what the Samsung tablet can do for drivers day-to-day and a few of its major highlights during the last two years.

Overview of the Samsung tablet

Before switching to the Samsung Galaxy Tab E 11-inch tablet, Schneider drivers used an in-cab communications platform with a pull-out keyboard that was bolted into the dash.

Switching to a tablet changed the game by:

  • Providing a more mobile experience for drivers. The tablet can be taken out of the truck and brought wherever.
  • Giving drivers a more professional look. Tablets present drivers with more capabilities when working directly with customers.
  • Allowing drivers to better focus on driving. Schneider can deliver important content and information directly through the tablet.

See how the Samsung tablet is improving the lives of drivers every day:

3 highlights of the Samsung tablet

Endless information at drivers' fingertips

Drivers have access to a massive amount of information when using the tablet. Examples of what drivers have access to include:

  • Navigation.
  • Truck stop apps.
  • Training modules.
  • Weather information.
  • Traffic and road condition.
  • Notifications when work assignments change.

Drivers can also send and receive information and feedback instantly.

Where's my truck/trailer apps

Based on driver feedback, Schneider created two different but similar apps for the tablet – one called “Find my truck” and one called “Find my trailer."

When a driver arrives to a yard to find their truck or trailer, they can use these apps to save time. A driver enters the number of the tractor or trailer they are looking for and an aerial shot appears so they can see exactly where it is in the lot.

Tanker drivers see significant benefits from tablet

Of all the drivers in Schneider’s fleet, Tanker drivers have experienced some of the most significant benefits from using the Samsung tablets.

Being able to access information, like loading and unloading requirements, and using the tablet when interacting with customers, has been particularly useful for these drivers.

See other ways tablets are assisting Tanker drivers.

Looking for a trucking company that focuses on innovation?

Schneider’s focus on innovation and technology means a better experience for drivers while they’re out on the road.

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