Everything Truck Drivers Should Know About Daylight Saving Time

By The Schneider Guy Mar 11, 2016
Daylight Saving Time (DST) can have a big effect on truck drivers, from sleep, to logging, to safety. Here’s everything truckers need to know about DST.

5 Tips for Backing up a Tractor-Trailer Safely

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Arguably one of the hardest skills for new truck drivers to learn is backing up safely. We pulled together all the best advice from experienced drivers.

Cautionary Video: Why Truck Drivers Should Wear Ice Cleats

By Dan Drella Jan 15, 2016
About 30% of tractor-trailer driver injuries result from slips and falls. Ice cleats have made a significant impact at Schneider. The video and data prove it.

Winter Driving: Truck Driver Tips for Maximum Tire Chain Life

By Herb Moring Jan 12, 2016
Winter is in full force, meaning it's tire chain season. Employ these tips to get the most out of your tire chains and stay safe this winter.

Top Valuable Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

By Nick Economu Oct 23, 2015

Winter weather conditions can sneak up on even the best driver. Here are top winter driving tips for truck drivers to ensure you don't get caught off guard