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Top 3 helpful truck driver resources

A female Schneider truck driver with her company truck.

If you’re new to truck driving or are considering applying to become a driver with Schneider, you may be wondering what kind of truck driver resources are available to help you succeed. Schneider provides a variety of personnel and training resources to its drivers to ensure they feel comfortable doing their jobs.

Personnel truck driver resources

Some of Schneider’s best resources are our associates. We want our drivers to have the support they need, so they never feel alone while on the road.

Each driver is assigned to a driver business leader (DBL), who acts as a manager, making sure that drivers have all the information that they need to succeed, and who is able to address any issues that arise.

Drivers who are new to the career can also be assigned a driver adviser – an experienced driver who can act as a peer mentor and provide tips and advice for a career on the road.

Drivers can even tune in to Live Recruiter chats and monthly Facebook chats with Todd Jadin, vice president of associate relations and talent management, each month on Schneider’s Facebook page. Todd accepts questions from viewers and responds via written response and/or live video; it’s a great way for drivers to get their questions answered.

Training truck driver resources

Schneider offers many resources to ensure drivers are properly trained. We want our drivers to feel safe and prepared for the job when they hit the road.

In addition to quarterly training sessions, drivers can reference the “Highway to Success” manual they receive at orientation and log on to Schneider Compass, which includes an online training system that features instructions and tutorials for tasks and processes drivers will need to perform while on the job. Drivers can also download the Schneider Compass mobile app, which allows them to review work assignments, find available empty trailers, review their pay statements and more.

Schneider’s “Slice of Orange” blog is another great reference for drivers, with new blog posts typically added twice per week.

Third-party resources

Outside of the resources that Schneider provides to its drivers, there are many third-party mobile apps that drivers can download to make life on the road a little easier. One of most popular is Trucker Path. The app helps locate nearby truck stops and truck washes, as well as points of interest like restaurants and shopping centers. Drivers can also use the app to check if upcoming weigh stations are open, find fuel stops and compare fuel prices.

Truck driver resources like these help make sure that drivers never feel alone or unprepared while on the road.

New to truck driving?

Schneider is a great place to start your new career because we’ll support you every step of the way so you feel confident while out on the road.
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Patty Seidl is a Driver Business Leader (DBL) specializing in supporting new drivers. She has worked at Schneider since 2001 in a variety of roles, including a training engineer, instructor and customer service representative. Patty has also worked as a driver and a Schneider team driver with her husband, Bob.

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