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Top 5 inspirational leadership quotes from Schneider leaders

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Leadership is a constant factor on our minds. Whether it be a leader in our industry, the office, on the road or in the warehouse, a good leader is one that is able to balance the people and business. We’re blessed to have many experienced leaders at Schneider, and we’ve compiled some of their top quotes to help your leadership development.

Here are some inspirational leadership quotes from some of our leaders here at Schneider:

"Successful leaders are both genuine and authentic. This results from being the ‘best you’ you can be. You can only ever be the second-best someone else. My advice to aspiring leaders is being true to yourself first and genuineness and authenticity will follow." – Todd, Schneider leader

Leadership is so many things. It’s about getting to know others and creating a culture where people want to work hard. It’s about having fun and celebrating wins. It’s about making decisions and taking accountability when things don’t go as planned. It’s about providing a vision for the future and getting others excited to align to that vision. It’s about building a high-performance team and helping others become their best self!” – Erin, Chicago Schneider Transportation Management (STM) leader

One big thing is to not sweat the day-to-day stuff, focus on the big picture. It’s transportation and it’s not perfect, but focusing on the long term is key!” – Tim, STM leader

Great leaders do what's right, not what's easy.” – Jack, maintenance director

"We want our people to feel empowered to make decisions. Each associate was chosen for their role based on their knowledge and experience, and we want to ensure they feel confident to make decisions." – Erica, regional account manager

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Sarah is a graduate of St. Norbert College and has been working for Schneider since June 2008 upon her college graduation. She has held several different roles in the company within Schneider Transportation Management (STM) and most recently over the last few years as Schneider’s Corporate College Recruiter.

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