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Driver referrals offer unlimited earning potential

A Schneider company driver refers a fellow truck driver for the change to earn a referral bonus.

The best way to understand what driving for Schneider is like is to talk to Schneider drivers. We encourage it, and with thousands of Schneider drivers on North America’s highways, it’s not hard to find someone.

Thanks to Schneider’s Driver Referral Program, engaging in those discussions can benefit both prospective and current Schneider drivers.

How much extra cash (and prizes) can you earn through driver referrals?

Unlimited. Seriously.

Refer an unlimited number of drivers. Here’s how much you can earn for each individual that is hired or leases on with Schneider:

  • $750 per referral for experienced drivers.
  • $250 per referral for inexperienced drivers.
  • Potential prize drawings.
  • All bonus amounts and prizes are subject to change.

Full eligibility info and referral program rules are available to Schneider drivers.

Driver referral program — benefits for prospective drivers

  • Gain firsthand insights and advice about driving for Schneider.
  • Streamline your hiring process — we’ll call you to get started after a Schneider driver refers you. Of course, you can apply 24/7 through, too, but for a referral bonus to be added, the referral must be submitted prior to you contacting Schneider.
  • Recognize you’ll have unlimited earning potential through driver referrals when you become a Schneider driver.

What to do: Find a Schneider driver to talk to (perhaps at a truck stop if the driver has time), strike up a conversation and mention you’d be interested in being referred.

A Schneider driver hands a referral card to another truck driver.

Driver referral program — benefits for current drivers

  • Enjoy unlimited referral payouts — we have drivers making thousands of dollars extra simply by sharing their Schneider experiences with other drivers.
  • Help your friends, family, driving school classmates and other drivers you encounter find meaningful driving careers with an industry leader.
  • Submit a referral in just minutes with an online referral through the Schneider Compass mobile app — available on your personal mobile phone and company-provided tablet.

What to do: Find a driver to talk to (perhaps at a truck stop if the driver has time), strike up a conversation and ask if you can submit a referral on their behalf.

Use the Schneider Compass app or a printed referral card from your referral packet, which you can get at many Schneider facilities.

Refer or get referred today

Whether you’re a prospective or current driver, take full advantage of the Driver Referral Program. Look through current driving jobs and find a driver to talk to about it.

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Ali Argall helps to coordinate Schneider’s Driver Referral Program, which involves researching and paying all driver referral bonuses, managing and maintaining all referral leads received, and reporting. She joined Schneider in March 2014 and has previously held a role as military program coordinator.

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