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Schneider launches new driver resource centers in site redesign

Snapshots of Schneider's truck driver website redesign on desktop and mobile.

Your truck driving job search just got easier following a substantial redesign of the “Truck Driver” section of

Schneider’s one-stop career shop now features dozens of new pages, including new separate resource centers for experienced drivers and inexperienced drivers, and a new format to help you find your perfect driving opportunity.

Jump in now to explore the new driver section or get the lay of the land with the highlights below — then jump in.

Experienced driver resource guide

You know what you’re doing in this industry, but you need a fresh start. This section is for you. We won’t waste your time talking about getting a CDL. You’ve been there, done that. Instead, we’ll jump to what matters most to you:

  • Detailed pay and benefits – you know to look beyond just cents per mile, so we’ll give you more than just a cursory glance
  • Experienced driver orientation – take what you already know to the next level
  • Experienced driving jobs – your experience gives you more places you can start

Inexperienced driver resource guide

You probably have lots of questions if you’re new to trucking. Fortunately for you, we’ve talked to drivers just like you to understand the questions (and to experienced drivers to better understand the answers). This section is packed with detailed pages so you can dig deep, including these highlights:

  • Benefits of becoming a truck driver – if you’re curious but not convinced, start here
  • How to become a truck driver – step-by-step guide to get you rolling quickly, including an extensive driving school directory and guide on paying for school
  • First year as a truck driver – every job has a learning curve; here’s how it looks in trucking
  • Inexperienced driver orientation – here’s how we’ll build on your driving school experience
  • Inexperienced driving jobs – the good news: for many of Schneider’s truck driving jobs — no experience is required

New driving job layout

It’s awesome to have the widest variety of truck driving jobs in the industry, but it could lead to a crisis of indecision if you can’t really understand the differences between them all. Our new redesign gives you a fresh framework to help you narrow down to your perfect job. Start your search in one of three categories:

  1. Number of drivers – Team driving presents a compelling opportunity many drivers mistakenly overlook, but this section clearly compares Team vs. Solo.
  2. Freight types – we have six primary business segments, each with specific advantages, and you can fully understand each of them.
  3. Driving styles – Over-the-Road vs. Regional vs. Local vs. Part-time: discover what works best for you.

Wherever you start your journey, you can build the pieces of the puzzle from each category. Example: Start with Team and compare the available business segments for Team drivers, or start from a business segment and compare Team vs. Solo within it.

Once you know what you’re looking for, you can jump straight to our zip code job search anytime.

What are you waiting for?

Wherever you’re at in your career journey, start on the main page and go from there. It’s designed with you and your next step in mind.

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