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Who are the essential workers? Truck drivers are now and always

Schneider truck drivers line up on the road to perform essential work.

Truck drivers are essential workers all the time, and the COVID-19 coronavirus has only brought that into sharper focus.

Whether it’s keeping hospitals prepared, manufacturers productive, grocery stores stocked, or the economy primed for a recovery, driver heroes travel the country so you can be safer at home – and they’re finally getting the recognition they deserve. We are surrounded by these everyday heroes, here are some of the stories:

Truck driver heroes at work

1. Delivering coronavirus test kits to Mayo Clinic.

COVID-19 test kits are critical to get accurate data to flatten the curve, and drivers are key in getting kits where they need to be.

2. Hauling critical PPE (personal protective equipment) to New York City and Chicago hospitals.

Doctors and nurses rely on proper PPE to safely treat patients with COVID-19, and when time is of the essence, drivers come through. See the full LinkedIn post.

Personal protective equipment in boxes

3. Bringing pallets of food and snacks to medical professionals in Atlanta.

While it might not seem as crucial as tests or PPE, a large donation of food went a long way to lift the spirits of medical professionals in Atlanta, and our drivers were happy to help.

4. Picking up paper supplies to keep store shelves stocked.

Truck drivers have had to deal with long lines to get high-need supplies loaded, but they’ve worked hard to get supplies to the store and your door when you need key supplies.

Continue to follow our social media accounts as we highlight the heroic efforts of truck driver essential workers, and then join us in …

Thanking our heroes

1. Schneider office teams preparing food and snack go-bags for drivers.

With many restaurants closed, it’s hard for drivers to find reliable meals and snacks, so our teams have worked hard to fill the gap!

2. Schneider customers going above and beyond to thank drivers.

We’re not the only ones. Many of our customers have recognized the critical work drivers do, putting together thank-you packages for drivers. This is only one example. See the full LinkedIn post.

Truck driver thank you bags from Home Depot

3. President Trump celebrating America’s truckers.

In between his daily briefings to keep the nation informed, President Trump held a special news conference to celebrate the critical role truckers have played during this pandemic.

4. Google Doodle recognizing truck drivers.

Even Google got into the act of calling out that truck drivers are among the essential workers keeping the economy going during these challenging times, as their April 15 Google Doodle shows.

Google Doodle thanking truck drivers

How will you #ThankATrucker?

Think of creative ways you can thank a truck driver, share it through any of our social media channels above with the #ThankATrucker hashtag or email us any photos or videos that we can share with our drivers.

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