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Trucking jobs still hiring during coronavirus pandemic

Truck driver reaches to shut door after climbing into cab of truck.

As unemployment claims soared past 26.5 million workers over the last five weeks, and many companies instituted hiring freezes amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, a simple question emerged for job seekers: What companies and jobs are still hiring?

If you’re looking for a job during the coronavirus pandemic, it may be easiest to start with the jobs still considered essential. Truck drivers are essential workers, and many trucking jobs are still hiring to perform essential work.

What trucking jobs are still hiring?

While certain segments of the economy are struggling, Schneider is still hiring truck drivers for many different types of jobs, including:

  • Dedicated accounts – many new customers are still being added as other essential businesses rely on stable carriers to ship freight.
  • Tanker – manufacturers need to keep going, and liquid freight involved in the production of key goods will continue to be needed.
  • Van Truckload – with an incredibly diverse customer base, there will always be freight to haul in 53-foot dry van trailers, and Teams are often tasked with high-need, cross-country loads.
  • Intermodal – many key markets are still seeking drivers to stay close to home and haul in and out of the rail yards.

Looking for no-touch freight? We have plenty of driving options with no-touch loads. You’ll be able to see the nature of the freight in each job description.

Of course, trucking jobs will continue to be essential and companies will still be hiring as the economy recovers, providing secure careers as businesses reopen and consumers begin buying more again. Truck driver heroes will continue to be the backbone of the economy.

How to start a new job safely during the pandemic

Truck driver with mask cleaning his truck.

It can be tricky to find companies still hiring during the coronavirus pandemic, but once you do, how can you be sure they’re doing everything to keep you safe according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines?

Schneider has added new safety procedures to keep new hires and current drivers safe during orientation and during time on the road:

  • Pre-screening drivers for symptoms before they arrive in the classroom.
  • Using single occupancy lodging during orientation.
  • Implementing social distancing in the classroom, during meals and around the truck.
  • Thoroughly disinfecting trucks between use by drivers.
  • Supplying hand sanitizer, gloves, masks and sanitizing wipes to drivers.

Learn more about our safety procedures as part of our COVID-19 response for jobs that are still hiring.

Trucking jobs still hiring near me?

The best way to find your next job during the coronavirus pandemic is to search your zip code and filter to what you’re looking for. You can also call 800-44-PRIDE, text “Chat” to 28000 and sign up for job alerts

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