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Driving on Schneider’s Viracon glass hauling Dedicated account

Schneider Dedicated driver Darin pulls back the curtain on his trailer to reveal a full load of glass freight.

Schneider’s Dedicated division gives truck drivers the opportunity to haul freight for one primary customer. That means life as a Schneider Dedicated driver features a degree of consistency many truck drivers crave — consistent freight, money and routes.

But each Schneider Dedicated account is also unique in its own way. Each customer operates differently, and one of our most unique, high-paying accounts involves hauling glass for Viracon, a leading glass fabricator.

Hauling glass may sound intimidating, but as you’ll see below, it doesn’t have to be. Watch the video to understand exactly what you can expect when you apply to drive on the Viracon Dedicated account, and then look through the photo album to see the types of building projects the glass you haul will be used on.

Viracon Dedicated photo gallery

Learn more about being a Dedicated driver.

Consistency, specialty and belonging are three reasons why drivers go Dedicated. Learn more and find your perfect Dedicated driving job today
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Darin Sleger is director of operations within the Dedicated division at Schneider. Darin began his career in 1997 and has served in several leadership roles within the organization. Prior to joining Schneider, Darin served in the United States Air Force.

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