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Schneider’s COIN Program Promotes Positive Warehouse Environment

Schneider baseball caps are organized in a rack along the wall of the company store.

Schneider often implements new programs at its different warehouse facilities that focus on recognizing associates’ outstanding performances, especially when they support the Core Values of Safety, Integrity, Respect and Excellence.

In the past, programs like “Race for the Cup,” a country-wide competition between warehouses, and Warehouse Associate Appreciation Days, a two-day-long event with food, music and games, have acknowledged the value of Schneider associates.

Most recently, Schneider proudly introduced the COIN program, also known as the Catching Outstanding INdividuals program, in its warehouses across the United States.

The COIN Program

When walking through a Schneider warehouse, it is not unusual to see a leader hand an associate a coin. This coin provides immediate recognition to an associate who exhibits behavior that represents Schneider’s Core Values. This recognition is not intended to reward specific job performance metrics, but rather to encourage behaviors that contribute to the well-being of fellow associates and promote a positive work environment.

Leonard Porter

Leonard Porter, an Order Fill associate at the Elwood, Ill. warehouse, said he received a coin for outstanding performance during his first week of training. He was given additional coins for staying late to help clean up and recognizing mistakes in the warehouse that would cause others to pick wrong items.

More examples of outstanding associate behaviors are:

    • Picking up shrink wrap or label backs.
    • Helping another associate lift or move a case.
    • Reminding a fellow associate to beep their horn at stop signs.
    • Jumping a fellow-associate’s car that has stalled in the parking lot.

    What coins are used for

    Each coin an associate receives is worth $5 to the online company store. The most frequently purchased items by associates include Schneider hats, shirts, backpacks and jackets.

    Human Resources Business Partner from Elwood, Ill., Christine Suhadolc, said the program allows associates to represent Schneider through the products they are able to purchase.

    “It thrills me to see associates excited to wear and represent Schneider in the warehouse and in the community,” Suhadolc said. “The COIN program allows the associates to earn the gear they want.”

    Importance of the COIN program

    Schneider believes a long-term differentiator in serving customers is the quality of its associates and culture. It is imperative we sustain a high-performance environment that is deeply rooted in the Core Values.

    The COIN program is just one of many ways Schneider values and appreciates its associates for the hard work they do every day.

    Cayetano Morgan

    Cayetano Morgan, an Order Fill associate at the Elwood, Ill. warehouse, has received coins for his improved productivity and dedication to excellence and performance. He said he has spent his coins on Schneider hats and t-shirts.

    “I like the COIN Program because it recognizes associates and their contributions,” Cayetano said.

    Want to be recognized for working hard?

    Apply for a warehouse job with Schneider and be acknowledged for putting in the extra effort!
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