Truck Driver Pay & Benefits

CDL Truck Driver Pay & Benefits

Delivering what matters to you.

At Schneider, we respect and appreciate the safe, quality service that truck drivers provide. After all, you are the backbone of our business. One way we show our appreciation is with exceptional pay and benefits.

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Schneider’s compensation highlights

  • We offer an overall compensation package — combining driver pay, benefits and many other perks — that is continually reviewed to ensure it is highly competitive
  • We offer a pay-for-performance plan to attract and retain the best drivers in the industry
  • We value drivers at all experience levels and reward drivers based on performance
  • We recognize longevity through exclusive membership into our Advantage Club
  • We provide drivers with access to a consumer-driven medical plan with a range of coverage options and a complete benefits package
  • We offer a wide range of other perks, such as tuition reimbursement, group discounts and a facility network offering low-cost meals and complementary services while drivers are away from home

Driver pay

Schneider pays truck drivers based on performance and rewards drivers who deliver the highest level of achievement. Exact pay rates vary by type of work and geography. Get a feel for average earnings expectations, or for specific information, speak with a Schneider recruiter.

All drivers are able to earn bonuses by meeting or exceeding a variety of key performance metrics. You will be updated with weekly metrics, and your scorecard is available to you at any time. Some examples of those metrics are:

  • Service
  • Fuel Management
  • Safety

New Class A CDL holders and truck driving school graduates are able to receive up to three automatic pay increases within the first year (depending on the type of driving job). Anniversary reviews and quarterly/monthly bonuses provide additional pay increase opportunities for all drivers.

Complete benefits — insurance, 401(k) and more

Schneider has designed a comprehensive benefits package with your needs in mind. Associates regularly scheduled to work 30+ hours per week are considered eligible, and once you become eligible, you have 30 days to enroll in your benefits.

  • Experienced drivers (6+ months experience): Many benefit options effective 60 days after date of hire
  • Inexperienced drivers (<6 months experience): Many benefit options effective 90 days after date of hire

Health Care and Wellness

  • Consumer-driver health plan

    Health care doesn't have to be complicated. Schneider offers U.S. associates a consumer-driven medical plan with premium reductions for non-tobacco/nicotine users and additional Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) deposit for completing a wellness screening. Coverage includes medical and prescription coverage.

  • Dental coverage

    Our dental plan covers standard preventive care at 100%. Plan includes basic and major restorative care such as fillings, crowns and bridges.

  • Vision materials

    Schneider offers a vision materials plan that provides an allowance for discounted prescription glasses and contacts.

  • Flexible spending accounts

    Put aside pre-tax cash from your paycheck to pay for non-reimbursed medical, dental, vision and dependent care expenses. Participation in the medical, dental or vision plans is not required.

Company-sponsored benefits

  • Vision exam

    Schneider offers all associates and enrolled dependents an annual eye exam for a low copayment of $10.

  • Employee Assistance Program

    Get free counseling sessions to help manage your personal and relationship issues, resources for child or elder care, and legal and financial advice.

  • Life insurance

    You receive, at no cost, $20,000 in term life insurance coverage.

Future planning

401(k) and retirement plan

You can join the 401(k) Plan on your date of hire. You can elect to contribute 1-50% of your eligible pay to your 401(k).

You can also elect to contribute on a pre-tax basis, Roth post-tax basis or combination of both. After you have completed three months of employment, you will be eligible to receive company match.

Option benefits at reduced rates

You can purchase the following benefits at a negotiated group rate that can be conveniently pulled through payroll deductions.

  • Accident insurance

    Extra coverage for accident-related medical expenses

  • CDL Defender Plan

    Legal protection for your CDL and your spouse’s CDL

  • Critical illness insurance

    Extra coverage in case of a serious illness

  • Family Legal Plan

    Legal coverage for non-work-related issues

  • Voluntary life insurance

    Additional term life insurance policy for you, your spouse and your children

  • Voluntary short-term disability

    Provides 60% of your monthly earnings when you are unable to work due to an illness or injury, up to 26 weeks

Work-life balance

    • Time Off
      • Paid time off:
        • 1 week after 1 year
        • 2 weeks after 2 years
        • 3 weeks after 7 years
        • 4 weeks after 15 years
      • Funeral leave: Up to three days of paid funeral leave
      • Jury duty: Receive paid time off for jury duty
      • Military leave: Time off is available for required military training and service

  • Commuter benefits

    Purchase parking or transit passes online, with no hassle, with pre-tax paycheck deductions.

  • Adoption assistance

    Receive up to $4,000 one-time reimbursement for eligible adoption expenses of a non-related child, age birth through 16 years

  • Home and auto insurance

    Purchase discounted coverage through payroll deductions.

  • Associate discounts

    Exclusive national and local discounts through our website.

  • Service awards

    At milestone anniversaries, choose from many unique gifts.

Advantage Club

After five years of service with Schneider, driver associates are admitted into the Advantage Club. This club recognizes you for your hard work and loyalty.

As a club member, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a variety of sporting events, such as NFL games or NASCAR races, dinners and many other unique opportunities all paid by Schneider to include travel, hotel and food.

Tuition Reimbursement

After you go to driving school and get your CDL, Schneider will help foot the bill — up to $7,000 for driving school graduates. Check out our program for truck driving school graduates and get ready to hit the road.

Passenger Program

Take a loved one out on the open road with you. Eligible passengers include friends over the age of 18 and immediate family members over the age of 10.

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