Featured Over-the-Road Driver

Abby Langan

Abby Langan

Type of driver Over-the-Road Driver
With Schneider 14 months
Hometown Storm Lake, IA
Miles on the road 31,000
Can't live without Listening to audio books on Audible.com

Searching for the Right Career

Schneider Over-the-Road driver Abby Langan thought she had her career path all figured out, but what started out as a dream quickly turned drab. Looking for a fresh start, she decided to follow her intuition and get behind the wheel of a big rig.

When the Grass Isn’t So Green

After graduating high school, Abby Langan did what many high school grads do: she began college. In the span of a year and a half, Abby earned two associate’s degrees and was preparing to attend a four-year university when she landed a job as an Internet marketing manager for an automotive dealership. She excelled in the field, speaking at conferences and publishing on the subject. Looking to move up in her career, Abby applied to senior-level positions and eventually landed her dream job in 2013. However, after six months, the sparkle wore off.

To Abby, the new position turned out to be the same work, just in a different place for a bigger company. Her days had become too predictable and uninspiring.

“The fancy office, leather chair and large desk didn’t matter anymore,” said Abby. “I knew there had to be more to life than spending it inside the same four walls and talking to the same people every day.”

Coming to those realizations made her decide to reclaim the fun in her life. With that, she put in her two weeks and set aside time to determine what was next.

Switching Gears

Abby spent a few days researching new careers online, and while there were plenty of options, she kept coming back to driving.

“I always liked driving cars, and I figured why not take it to another level and try it as a career.”

The decision was made, and she enrolled in driving school and earned her CDL in August of 2014.

New license in hand, Abby set her sights on working for the Big Orange because of the company’s high standards and positive relationships with its drivers. Abby happily joined the Schneider family as a Van Truckload driver in August of 2014.

Work at Its Best

Once Abby got out on the road, she could see her past life as a 9-to-5er getting smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror. Now, every day means different challenges, keeping the work fresh and Abby on her toes, which is exactly what she wanted.

“I get to see the country, I never have to wear formal dress clothes to work again and my job is constantly teaching me new things and introducing me to new people,” exclaimed Abby. “It’s the best.”

Another asset to life on the road as a Schneider driver? The company’s Core Value of Safety First and Always. While she researched many smaller companies, it was the focus on safety, support and training that made Schneider shine brighter than the rest.

“Having access to 24-hour support and unparalleled training was a big deal for me. You’re never out on the road solo, either,” Abby noted. “Help is always just a phone call away, and I really appreciate that.”

If Abby had to sum it up: driving – and for Schneider, specifically – is a pretty sweet gig.

Driving into the Future

After 14 months on the road, Abby doesn’t plan on slowing down. Initially, she was only going to drive for a year and then head back to “the real world.” As it turns out, this is the real world. Every time Abby gets a new assignment, she gets a flutter of excitement in her stomach, which is an affirmation that she made the right choice.

“I’ll keep driving until that flutter is gone. This is what makes me happy, so why quit now?” she commented. “I want to see where this will take me – literally and figuratively.”

And as long as Abby wants to keep driving, Schneider will be happy to continue fostering her love of the work.

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