Featured Intermodal Driver

Bounlieng "Bo" Nobouphasavanh

Bounlieng "Bo" Nobouphasavanh

Type of driver Intermodal Driver
With Schneider 24 years
Hometown Detroit, MI
Miles on the road 2 million+
Can't live without radio

Feel like family

Bounlieng Nobouphasavanh has a unique story to go along with his unique name. As a refugee from the Vietnam War, Bo emigrated by himself from Laos in 1980. “I was an incredibly scared teenager. I was moving to the U.S., where I had never been and knew nothing about, and didn’t speak the language.” To make ends meet, Bo got his first job in the U.S, as a mushroom picker at a farm in Michigan and went to school at night to learn English.

Although Bo was back to square one, he was filled with hope and saw opportunity. Bo enrolled himself in a welding course and found a job in a sheet metal factory. While he was quickly promoted to foreman, Bo didn’t feel fulfilled and felt that he had a different calling. During a casual conversation with a delivery driver, he was introduced to the world of trucking.

A New Start as a Truck Driver

Bo went to truck driving school in Detroit to follow his dream but kept running into obstacles. “At this time, you kind of had to know someone to be a truck driver, but the problem was I didn’t know anyone. I was fortunate to come into contact with a recruiter from Schneider and was given my first role as a truck driver.” Bo joined the Schneider family nearly 25 years ago and now has more than 2 million miles under his belt.

He began his career as an over-the-road truck driver and then transitioned to a regional intermodal driver. While he loved seeing the U.S. and learning American culture, Bo now thrives on the challenges that intermodal presents. “You are constantly planning and working to stay on schedule to ensure you make that cut off time. You have variables from the hectic traffic in Chicago to navigating through the yard for your pick up. Intermodal is tough, but I love it.”

"Welcome to the Family of Schneider Drivers"

When asked why he continues to drive for Schneider after all these years, Bo explained that Schneider is constantly providing him with training and is dedicated to safety. He also loves the culture and employee benefits.

“I can’t say enough about the people – they treat you as family. Schneider also recognizes the importance of flexible options so I can spend time at home with my own family as well.”

How exactly did Bo end up in Michigan? “I was given some options. I pointed to Michigan on the map – it was close to all that water. The guy looked at me like I was crazy. The first winter was cold, very cold, but I love people in the Midwest. They are easy-going and remind me of my friends in Laos.”

After building his career at Schneider and raising a family of his own, Bo is at peace. “I feel at home in the U.S. and at Schneider,” he says with a smile, “This is it. I’ve found my place in the world again.”

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