Featured Ride of Pride Driver

Chuck Ceccacci

Chuck Ceccacci

Type of driver Ride of Pride Driver
With Schneider 16 years
Hometown Flowery Branch, GA
Miles on the road Near 1 million
Can't live without “I always have my running shoes.”

Career Paths — Become a Training Engineer

Chuck Ceccacci, started with Schneider in 1997, found trucking by accident. “I had just left active duty in the Marine Corps and was looking at my options. I found an opportunity at Schneider and only planned to drive for one year, but I fell in love with trucking.” Since then, Chuck has been everything from an owner-operator to intermodal driver to training engineer.

Chuck appreciates that he is able, and is even encouraged, to try out different career paths without leaving the company.

“When you join, you are not labeled a trucker; you become part of the Schneider family. You have the flexibility and resources to be what you want to be whether you love driving, operations or teaching.”

Chuck feels this is a result of the leadership and openness at Schneider and the respect given to associates.

Elevating Others = Elevating Yourself

While Chuck is passionate about driving, he also thrives in his roles as an Operation Service Representative (OSR) and in the classroom. “Training is really rewarding. I work hard to be flexible and adjust my plan to fit many different personalities, demographics and personal situations.

Chuck feels there is hidden talent from so many different walks of life – teachers, nurses, pilots and dentists to name a few. “I would encourage anyone with an interest to experience trucking. Be part of something big!”

What is the best part of training? “It truly makes me a better driver, but, above all, I enjoy being a mentor.”

Military and Trucking Go Hand in Hand

In addition to all the roles Chuck plays for Schneider, he is also the 2013 Ride of Pride driver.

“This may be the most important part of my resume. I know firsthand that it can be hard to come back and try to fit back into civilian life. When I drive the Ride of Pride truck, it is like I am putting my uniform back on and helping my folks out.”

According to Chuck, military people make great drivers for multiple reasons. “I obviously have a bias for veterans, but they truly do make great drivers because they are goal-oriented leaders who are used to fast-paced missions.”

Big Orange for Life

When asked why Chuck continues to work for Schneider, he explained that the sky is the limit. “I love driving because my office window is always changing with beautiful sunsets and different terrains, but I also love training because I get to be a coach and close to my family. I have the best of all worlds.”

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