Featured Team Van Drivers

Joe & Sharon Nader

Joe & Sharon Nader

Type of driver Team Van Drivers
With Schneider 29 years
Hometown Daphne, AL
Miles on the road 3 million +
Can't live without music and Alabama football

A Great Team On and Off the Road

When Joe Nader asked his future wife, Sharon, out on for their first date, he used a phrase that foreshadowed their colorful years together: “Let’s paint the town red!” It did the trick, as that one date turned into 35 years and counting. But looking back, Joe should have said, “Let’s paint the country orange”… since that’s just what he and Sharon have done crisscrossing America’s roads as team drivers for Schneider for the last eight years.

The Naders feel the keys to their success as a team, both personally and professionally, are being good friends and having open communication. When asked about any pet peeves experienced while on the road together, Joe wisely stated that he couldn’t think of any. Sharon confessed that Joe is very patient and she puts him through the ringer.

The Naders work together to play off each other’s strengths. “We do like to have fun and joke around, but in all seriousness, we also always have each other as a support system when we are on the road,” stated Sharon.

“Team driving is a perfect fit for us – we always get the miles we need but also benefit from the home time.”

Although the Naders are the ones behind the wheel, they also feel it is truly a team effort at Schneider.

“As drivers you need to be problem solvers and good with time management, but we have the luxury of working with wonderful driver business leaders. They make sure you get to where you need to be on time, but just as important, treat you as a person, part of the family.”

Up for the Challenge

Prior to starting his career in trucking, Joe was a personnel sergeant in the Air Force during Vietnam. Joe became part of the Schneider family in 1992, and in addition to team driving, was a training engineer for 12 years. “Trucking has always fascinated me, and I was lucky to get an opportunity at the time during a bad economy.”

After several years of working at Schneider, the Naders’ family members joked that they should go on the road together. Joe teased Sharon that she could not handle it. Sharon’s response? “Watch me.”

What started out as a challenge for Sharon turned into a life-changing career. “I wasn’t sure that I was going to last, but now I cannot imagine doing any other job. I am constantly pushing myself and learning and seeing something different every day.”

Orange is the Gold Standard

Why have the Naders stayed with Schneider over the years? According to Sharon and Joe,

“Schneider never rests on its laurels whether it is improving technology and communication or providing first class training. We cannot imagine any other company cares more about safety than Schneider and that comes down to respect for the drivers and everyone on the road.”

The Naders believe that Schneider is in it for the long haul and strives for excellence. “Everything keeps improving in every area. They take care of their drivers not only in the good times but the bad as well. They are planning for our future.”

Down the Road

When the Naders look to the future, they see a lot more miles to come – Sharon hopes to reach the 1 million mile mark. They both plan to retire from Schneider, as they “cannot imagine working anywhere else, with anyone else.”

Until then, they will keep enjoying each other’s company, their wonderful colleagues and all the scenery. As Sharon explains, “I have the best job. When Joe drives, I get to window shop and appreciate all the beautiful views throughout the U.S.”

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