Featured Regional Driver

John Schnetzer

John Schnetzer

Type of driver Regional Driver
With Schneider 17 years
Hometown Marysville, California
Miles on the road 1,677,601
Can't live without Computer

Taking the Road Less Traveled

John grew up around truck drivers, with several uncles involved in the profession. The career encompassed what he loved — the act of driving and having a sense of autonomy — but ultimately John decided to go in a different direction after high school. On some level, John knew that he was destined to be a driver — it was just a matter of time.

Leaving Jobs in the Rearview

After graduation, John spent four years in the U.S. Navy. Unsure of a career path once his military contract was completed, John began working a series of odd jobs to provide for his family while he figured it out. During a time when he was in between work, John realized that he was sick of having “jobs” and wanted to embrace a lifestyle. It was during this realization that he revisited the idea of becoming a truck driver.

Excited about forging a new path in his life, John enrolled in driving school, earned his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and headed out on the open road with his first transportation company. Almost instantly, he felt like he was in his element. With a passion for driving — be it car or big rig — John knew he was exactly where he was supposed to be and channeled his energy into perfecting his craft.

Eight years after John started driving, he was ready to take his career to the next level, becoming a Regional driver for Schneider.

Finding a New Purpose Behind the Wheel

Driving for Schneider gave John the opportunity to hone in on the skills and attributes that make him a successful driver. As a professional, John took his role very seriously, transforming himself into the safety-minded driver he is today.

“When I first started driving, I simply loved the feeling of being on the road,” said John. “The freedom was great, but then I started thinking about how to be safer than everyone else. I still carry those thoughts with me now. It helps make me a better driver.”

That perspective, paired with Schneider’s core value of Safety First and Always, allowed John to find his niche in the driving world.

“Safety isn’t just a buzzword, and Schneider reinforces that. Drivers need to be aware of their surroundings and the other motorists on the road. It’s also imperative to know your truck and keep it in top form. Without taking all aspects of safety into account, people are going to get hurt — and that’s exactly what I work against every day.”

Putting Safety First — Always

John’s been a driver for over 17 years, bringing unparalleled determination to be the best driver he can be. As an incentive to keep working hard, John has his sights set on reaching 2 million safe miles.

When the time comes to permanently put his truck in park, John would like to give back and work as an operation service representative (OSR). This role helps train drivers to be smart and safe behind the wheel, further helping John reinforce the importance of safety from load pick-up to drop-off.

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