Featured Over-the-Road Driver

Lynn Lavallee

Lynn Lavallee

Type of driver Over-the-Road Driver
With Schneider 9 years
Hometown Mattawa, Ontario, CA
Miles on the road 646,641
Can't live without Atlases and a cooler of fresh food

Driving lets me live life to the fullest

Schneider Canada Over-the-Road driver Lynn is living the dream she never knew she had. She’s on an open-road adventure behind the wheel of a big rig. And to think she may have never become a driver at all, if a major career change hadn’t presented itself a decade ago.

Detour Ahead

Lynn had 20 years of office administration work under her belt before the changing economy led to downsizing in her office, including her position.

“It was a good thing that happened to me,” recalls Lynn. “I needed a change.”

As someone with a positive outlook on life, she took the opportunity to break into something different and started to work in road construction. As she worked, she saw big trucks driving by and found herself wondering what it would be like to ride up high in a big rig and see the country. Inspired, it was then that she applied to driver school and earned her CDL.

It’s a Great Big World Out There

When faced with the decision of which company to drive for, Lynn was drawn to Schneider from the very beginning for its training program and reputation for safe and legal driving. After nearly nine years driving Over-the-Road, her collection of road atlases at her side, Lynn continues to look to the future all while enjoying the scenery.

“A driving career with Schneider is great,” says Lynn. “I go out for a month, come home for five days and can’t wait to get back out on the road when home time is up.”

Lynn lives several hours from her operating center, so not needing to drive back and forth daily is a huge perk. That said, Lynn does often miss her mom, twin sister and nephew back home.

“Becoming a professional truck driver is a great experience and good career but you have to adapt,” notes Lynn. “You’re away from friends and family so you might have to miss events, but you can be present for more when you proactively book home time months in advance. This career is not for everyone, but if you want to do it you need to condition yourself.”

Always on the Move

In addition to loving what she does day in, day out, Lynn enjoys staying active both on the road and at home.

She golfs in the summer and participates on a curling team during her home time. If she’s out on the road, she likes to keep her truck spick-and-span and takes lots of walks wherever she goes.

After a few bumps in the road, Lynn has course-corrected to a career she enjoys and looks to navigate her personal goals along the way.

“I’m pretty amazed I have the ability to drive the big truck,” laughs Lynn. “I didn’t think I would last this long. It’s incredible.”

She hopes to become a Million Mile Driver and looks forward to retiring, but isn’t in a big hurry.

We’re glad to hear it, Lynn. You’re an exceptional member of the Schneider team.

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