Featured Over-the-Road Van Driver

Melissa Horr

Melissa Horr

Type of driver Over-the-Road Van Driver
With Schneider 8 years
Hometown Portsmith, OH
Miles on the road 900,000
Can't live without Phone

Career stepping-stone

Schneider over-the-road driver Melissa Horr spent her first career at home, taking care of her husband and three children in Portsmith, Ohio. In her spare time, she helped her husband run the pool hall they owned, but closed the business due to unfortunate circumstances. After two years of unemployment, Melissa decided to rejoin the workforce to support her family. She had two options, “In the Appalachian part of Ohio, there aren’t many jobs,” says Melissa. “Just nursing or truck driving.”

Thinking she wouldn’t be able to handle the visuals she would encounter as a nurse, Melissa zeroed in on truck driving. An added incentive: trucking is in her genes. “My dad was a truck driver,” says Melissa. “He named his company after me.”

Schneider Becomes a Second Home

Melissa spoke with a friend who worked for Schneider more than 20 years, which convinced here to join the team. She chose to drive dry goods over-the-road because her friend did, “That way I would have a resource if I had any questions.”

Homesick during her first years on the road, Melissa had to learn how to stay connected on the home front while holding her own in a field typically dominated by men.

“I learned as a woman in the trucking industry that as long as you treat yourself with respect, others will treat you with respect. I’m really proud of my job.”

After settling into a groove, Melissa started to see Schneider as a second family. “Everybody I’ve dealt with has always been really great to me,” comments Melissa. “From my experience, when you’re in a big company you’re a number, but I didn’t feel like one – I have always been treated as a person.”

Scheduling Flexibility

Melissa has stayed with Schneider more than eight years because of the support from her leaders and the flexibility she has in her schedule to take care of the people who matter most to her. When she needs to get home, they make sure to get her there. “I’ve had emergencies where my husband was very ill, couldn’t walk and was in and out of the hospital for a month” she says.

“Schneider never blinked an eye and told me not to worry – They know I’m a hard worker and they respect that.”

She has also been fortunate enough to arrange her schedule to fit in another passion – volunteer work.

Following the 2011 tornado in Joplin, Mo., Melissa requested time off to organize a donation center to collect goods for victims. She and her mom, whom she calls her sidekick, spent days parked in front of her husband’s family’s store with an open trailer, ready to accept donations. “At first, I didn’t think anyone was going to come,” recalls Melissa. “Suddenly, people came out of the woodwork dropping off all kinds of wonderful necessities. Even people who had little themselves wanted to donate.”

“One man even showed up in his pickup truck with the truck bed full of diapers!”

Aside from goods donations, a my local church even contributed an extra offering.

“I was so thankful to everyone who donated,” says Melissa. “I couldn’t imagine in my life losing everything.”

Accomplishments on the Road

Melissa has received a Driver of the Month award, a nomination for Driver of the Month, a Driver of the Year nomination and is close to one million miles. She has also mentored several new drivers.

“I’ve pushed myself, working 70 hours per week for eight years, to get my family in a good place financially. I couldn’t imagine any company being any better, or why anyone would want to drive for someone else.”

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